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First Officer Donatello
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Star Trek Turtles
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The Subspace Shelled Sewer Science Officer!

First Officer Donatello's Star Trek Gear: Classic Subspace Phaser, Classic Sewer Science Tricorder, Pure Logic Classic Communicator, Pon farr Battle Bo, Star Trek Shell Action Base
Favorite Episode: "Mudd's Women"
Favorite Line: "Doctor, it is not logical to dislike pizza."
Favorite Order: Green Vegetarian Pizza

Out in space, science is really important. So of course, the U.S.S. Enterprise has the greatest science officer there is - First Officer Donatello! Born on the planet Vulcan, near the Pizza Nebula, this green-pizza-sauce-for-blood officer is void of emotions. But he plays a mean harp. Using all of his brain power to think and act only logically, First Officer Donatello never gets upset (unless someone breaks his harp). And even when the feverish Foot start to throw temper tantrums, he just fires off a few blasts from his classic subspace phaser and goes about his work. Work is very important to First Officer Donatello, it's his job to make sure all alien pizzas are safe for Mutant consumption. That's why he's never without his trusty classic sewer science tricorder. When an alien pizza has been declared safe, he contacts his emotionally driven crew mates, Captain Leonardo, Chief Engineer Michaelangelo and Chief Medical Officer Raphael, with his pure logic communicator. With his job complete, he settles down and eats his slice, all without a single hint of emotion - until, of course, Chief Engineer Michaelangelo takes the last slice!
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