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Undercover Raph
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Undercover Turtles
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The Surveillance Spy Turtle Technician!

Spy Accessories: Undercover Mutant Movie Camera, Infrared Googie Goggles, Super Sensitive Eavesdroppin' Dish, Surveillance Spy Case, Private Eye Pistol, Spy Sais
Favorite Movie: Watcher of the Pizza
Favorite Spy Book: Looking for Mr. Goodpizza

If you haven't found Undercover Raphael, chances are, you've found him. Or better still, he's found you! This super sleuthin' spy Turtle is primo king of surveillance. Together with his spyin' party pals, Undercover Michaelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo, these guys have the corner on espionage, intrigue and where to go for the best pizza in town! Undercover Raphael is the Turtle technician of spy gadgets. He's collected together the most incredible ensemble of incredible spy gear that you'll ever find anywhere else. And it's all there, under that nifty fabric trenchcoat. No one has time to say cheese when Raphael reels off anti-Foot footage with his undercover Mutant movie camera. And listenin' in for Foot fools talkin' about their next heist is no problem when Undercover Raphael employs his super-sensitive eavesdroppin' dish! In case Raphael has a night Ninja encounter, he's got the edge with his incredible infrared googie goggles! Armed with a private eye pistol and spy sais and decked out with a surveillance spy case, Undercover Raphael is fully equipped to take on any spy Mutant mission. He's the spy Turtle technician with the funky Foot-foolin' fedora! And he's got his eyes on anything that moves the wrong way!
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