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Cobra Commander / Laser Viper
G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero
Series 2
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Cobra Commander

As if he weren't vicious enough, Cobra Commander has once again enlisted Destro and his best technical minds to enhance his one-of-a-kind, battle armor with miniaturized laser weapons that emit invisible beams of explosive firepower, and protective infra-red sensor barriers, so he can stand front and center in any battle using the latest laser technology. That suit can resist a zap from as much as 40 feet away. If it were anyone else, you'd have to give the guy credit for having guts, but where Cobra Commander is concerned, it's all about control-of everything! Only thing standing in his way is the G. I. Joe Team. As long as they're around, his reign of power is only for those stupid enough to believe he'll give them a piece of the action.

Laser Viper

Specialists in infra-red laser technology, Laser Vipers can set their sights on a target thousands of yards away and "zap it" in less than a milli-second. These guys are no slouches! Each one has a masters degree in mechanical engineering and spends his spare time increasing the firepower capability to make his laser weapon more destructive. Ever wonder how the hole in the ozone layer really got there? To get the attention of COBRA Commander, they "test" their latest modifications on each other. Not exactly the best way to see if something works, but it's one way to eliminate the competition.
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