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ALEX MERCER vs. ASH WILLIAMS- who will win this fight?! created by marz
hey there! neca is defenitely my favorite brand of action figures because I think they give us the best price-performance ratio (if you don't care toooo much about articulation...^^). a few days ago I grabbed one of these statue-like but very cool alex mercer figures.while I was unboxing it I took a look at the beloved ashy slashy of my girlfriend that I've given to her last christmas and put it next to it...then the question appeared: who will win this fight?!^^ I must say I'm a big fan of both characters but think alex would unfortunately kill and absorb ash in just a few seconds...or maybe ash got an ace in the hole or will be lucky like always...? I'm not really sure and interested in your opinions. what do you think???...[See More]
ActionFiguresMan80 -
Friday, July 13, 2018
Ash:My Arm is much more cool,ugly mother trucker,I looks really badass,you sick me ya hear?you sick me.Alex:and you are?Ash:BOOOOMMMMSSTICK!!
marz -
Saturday, August 11, 2018
haha,noone I asked about has been on alex' side... too much evil dead fans against a very little fangroup of prototype^^ (may because the first one is still forbidden and the second hasn't been released uncut in germany... )
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