Got Plots by Cabal22
Would have been a great movie! created by Cabal22
While none of the Big Hollywood directors even tried to extract a movie out of Bionic Commando, the Eighties blockbuster arcade game, it got a little better afterwords, as a new 3D game was released and some other minor spin-offs were given to the videogaming community, which was clearly bonded to the Capcom hit. Now... ouldn't it be great if, let's say in the mid-Nineties, one Big Hollywood director, like let's say Paul Verhoeven, author of some of the most amazing shi-fi blockbusters of the last century like Robocop and Starship Troopers, would bring to us a Bionic Commando full lenght festure movie with the great Arnold Scwarzenegger as the main star? Yes, it damn would be. And here you are: Bionic-Arnold-Commando (and his bionic steel left hook-hand) are here to protect and serve you...[See More]
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