Figure Realm Help / FAQ / Contact
We encourage anybody who has an interest in the hobby to contribute to our Checklists and Galleries, and no, we aren't talking about money. Here's what you can do to help:
  • Report anything missing from the Checklists, whether it's an entire toy series or just a missing item. We want the Checklists to be as complete as possible.
  • Send pictures. If we don't have a picture for an item listed in the Checklist, then we want it right away! Ideally, we would like to have at least a packaged photo and a opened display photo of each and every item. Some items may even warrant more, such as beings that transform into different modes, characters with multiple uniforms, accessory pictures, etc. If you have access to these items, a camera and are in a contributing mood, please send some pictures our way. In addition to taking pictures, a lot of vendors have freely available promotional images of their products on their websites. These work just as well. However, please don't use pictures from someone else without their permission, or send photos that have a watermark or logo on it.

    If you are wondering what items we need pictures for, when you are in the Checklists you will see a link called "Browse by Missing Pictures". If you cick that link, it will show you all the Galleries that are missing pictures.
  • Report any mistakes at all. These can be missing items, items listed twice, pictures in the wrong place, names spelled wrong, typos or anything at all. We want these Checklists and Galleries to be as complete and accurate as possible.
  • Adding Toy Series descriptions. When you are browsing the Checklists, for each checklist you will see a logo for the toy series and a description of the series, if one has been provided. If a description hasn't been provided, then you will see a link to submit one. We'd love to get descriptions of all the series!