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Friday, January 4, 2019
Checklists: Pachycephalosaurus "Ram Head" -
Friday, January 4, 2019
this is a really cool toy but the face sculpt is a little bit weird but other than that is a really cool figure that I would recommend to anyone. Also this figure I got from my older sister.
Checklists: Alan Grant (Aerial Net Trap) -
Friday, January 4, 2019
this figure is awesome and is very cool looking and makes a nice shelf piece.
Checklists: Dilophosaurus -
Friday, January 4, 2019
I have this but mines legs are warped and has some paint wear and I paid 3$ for it. Obviously I am not disappointed but it doesn't look that good on my shelf. Other than that I would recommend it to anyone because it's a really nice figure.
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