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Showcase Rank:WandererFirst Made:War Machine Super Hero Squad Repaint
Personal Best:Iron Man 3 Extremis Armor CustomCrowd Favorite:Iron Man 3 Extremis Armor Custom
Current Projects:X men, Spider man Iron man any marvel anyway Cap custom coming soon!!!!
Honorable Mentions:One of my fav. Customizers commented on both of my customs and also fanned me that customizers is....Dardevil96!! And a really pouplar customer commented on one of figures his name is (ringdomez)
Comments:I want to say thank you Baliscon,Jin Satome (check the guys I follow those are the guys that have inspired me) for inspiring me!
If you fan me I fan back....

80s Style Spiderman  (Spider-Man)
Beast  (X-Men)
Black Panther  (Marvel)
Cap. Movie Custom  (Captain America)
Iron Man 3 Extremis Armor Custom  (Iron Man)
Iron Man Silver Centurion Armor Custom  (Iron Man)
Lizard  (Spider-Man)
Peter Parker (Spider Man 2002 Movie)  (Spider-Man - Movie)
Sand Man  (Spider-Man - Movie)
Venom Spider Man 3 Movie  (Spider-Man - Movie)
War Machine Super Hero Squad Repaint  (Super Hero Squad)
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Entry Date
Aug 21, 2012 80s Style II80s Style Spiderman832.25 
Aug 13, 2012 Before They Were HeroesPeter Parker (Spider Man 2002 Movie)1011.81