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Showcase Rank:Lord BaronFirst Made:Snowboarding Chewbacca
Personal Best:Drizzt Do'UrdenCrowd Favorite:Drider

Akencheres ; Captured Egyptian General  (Gladiator)
Anchorhead Marauders 'Swoop Gang'  (Star Wars)
Ashlands pack of Sarn Gebir  (Lord of the Rings)
Attack on the Dam of the river Isen  (Lord of the Rings)
Aurra Sing  (Star Wars)
Aurra's swoop  (Star Wars)
Baby elf on the shelf  (Mythology Creatures)
Beholders keep  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Blade and Vampire  (Marvel Legends)
Boba Fett  (Star Wars)
Brock Ridgewater / Swashbuckler  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Bundahr Shattershield  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Caellack of Gaul  (Gladiator)
Captain Mortis / Dathomirian Pirate  (Star Wars)
Catti-brie  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Cirith Ungol  (Lord of the Rings)
Clan Falluk "Weequay Scouts"  (Star Wars)
Cobra Commander  (G.I. Joe)
Cobra F.A.N.G. and Pilot  (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Officer and Troops  (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Viper Trooper  (G.I. Joe)
Commander Kel Loccor and Omega Squad  (Star Wars)
Companions of the Hall  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Corl 'Neimoidian Guard'  (Star Wars)
Darth Bane the Eternal  (Star Wars)
Darth Maul  (Star Wars)
Dendrick Malistar 'Imperial Defector / bounty hunter'  (Star Wars)
Dengar  (Star Wars)
Densrick Shattershield  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Destro  (G.I. Joe)
Drider  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Drizzt Do'Urden  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Dromekliaetes of Thrace (Thracian Style)  (Gladiator)
Duke  (G.I. Joe)
Durlolk the scout and Warg mount  (Lord of the Rings)
Durzilac the Wretched  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Eomer, Marshall of the Mark battles un-horsed  (Lord of the Rings)
Ewok Hunt  (Star Wars)
Ewoks  (Star Wars)
Failnex / Tognathian Mercenary  (Star Wars)
Fhanzill -Tribe of Many Arrows_ Todd Lockwood style  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
FireFly, Corbra Saboteur  (G.I. Joe)
Galdfinn ; Champion of the Gray Havens  (Lord of the Rings)
Gaznazh warg raider and armored mount  (Lord of the Rings)
General Kenobi  (Star Wars Clone Wars)
General Seric Kasdef  (Star Wars)
Ghanzlug the Wicked- Warg Raider  (Lord of the Rings)
Gilad Pellaeon / Heir to the Empire  (Star Wars)
Goblin soldiers from Isengard  (Lord of the Rings)
Goblins Hideout  (Spider-Man)
Gooluk the Half-Ogre and the Fall of Gil Galad  (Lord of the Rings)
Gor Litz  (Spartacus)
Grand Admiral Thrawn  (Star Wars)
Griznah the shadow  (Lord of the Rings)
Groock- Bullywog /Hunter  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Gur'gluk Cirith Ungol soldier  (Lord of the Rings)
Gwaihir the Windlord  (Lord of the Rings)
Han and Leia Solo  (Star Wars)
Hiroshi The Ebony Viper / Ninja assassin  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Hooded Cobra Commander  (G.I. Joe)
Iginraz / Goblin, Maglubiyet Shaman  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Indlovu (Forceful) ; Zulu Warrior  (Gladiator)
Jodo Kast ( Twin Engines of Destruction )  (Star Wars)
Jorus C'Baoth - Insane Clone Master Jedi  (Star Wars)
Kharag the banner barer  (Lord of the Rings)
Kilix Des'sar Jedi-hunter  (Star Wars)
Killion Shattershield  (Dungeons and Dragons)
King Bellagast Shattershield  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Kiyoshi Tanaka / Samurai  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Klazitu - Nikto pilot  (Star Wars)
Klumm and Gart ' Gamorrean guards '  (Star Wars)
Kreelo -Rodian Gambler  (Star Wars)
Kuzem / Gundabad scout  (Hobbit)
Lagrun, Hunter  (Star Wars)
Larzglix -Pack Leader  (Lord of the Rings)
Leaflock / Ash Ent  (Lord of the Rings)
Lieutenant Vox Codash  (Star Wars)
Lui Quai -The Forest Demon / Ninja Assassin  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Lynrill Otan, Quarren pirate  (Star Wars)
Major Bludd  (G.I. Joe)
Malbog  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Mara Jade - The Emperor's Hand  (Star Wars)
Marigold Brandybuck and the Green Dragon house band  (Lord of the Rings)
Master Yeeb Naloon and Jedi Kight Calnex Jord  (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Mavalak The Black  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Morgul Patrol  (Lord of the Rings)
Nuluk 'Weequay Guard' Clan Falluk  (Star Wars)
O'mwat / Klatoonian Master at Arms  (Star Wars)
Orc cave entrance  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Orlog ; Cirith Ungol Tower Guard  (Lord of the Rings)
Pharllum the Darkling of Mordor  (Lord of the Rings)
Prince Daergus Shattersheild  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Quellum 'Wequeey scout leader"  (Star Wars)
Quintus Titus Gorlitzia / Roman General  (Gladiator)
Qulu'an of Clan Tazulch / Black Marshes  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Qulu'an On the hunt / Black Marshes  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Ragluk of Mordor  (Lord of the Rings)
Ragnarick Shattershield  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Rancidbranch the Troll / Black Marshes  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Ravlak- Snivvian smuggler  (Star Wars)
Ren Ito / The Iron Lotus- Ninja Assassin  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Riverside Road way Diorama  (Lord of the Rings)
Roadblock  (G.I. Joe)
Rollonda of Thesk/ Half -orc warrior  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Roof Top  (Marvel)
RX-420  (Star Wars)
Salva Lock- Bounty Hunter  (Star Wars)
Septimus of Corsica ( Retiarius )  (Gladiator)
Skip-Ray Kx70 Speeder  (Star Wars)
Slate Brightsmith from the Blue Mountains  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Smidg's cart and Gerty the pig  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Smidgeon Lovibond Shattershield ( Halfling Illusionist / Apothecary )  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Snagetz, Orthrag & Ugmog of Isengard  (Lord of the Rings)
Snagultz -Warg raider  (Lord of the Rings)
Snake eyes  (G.I. Joe)
Snake eyes  (G.I. Joe)
Snowboarding Chewbacca  (Star Wars)
Spider Parrafin  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Strongheart the Good Paladin  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Taka Imshi , Ninja Assassin  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Tallon Karrde  (Star Wars)
Talz'ik of Clan Tazulch / Black Marshes  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Tarnack of the Jagged Tusk Clan -Ogre warrior-  (Dungeons and Dragons)
The Barracuda / Warship  (Dungeons and Dragons)
The Bat  (Creatures)
The Black Knight ( Monty Python and the Holy Grail )  (Movie Masters)
The Tatanka  (Marvel)
There is no honor among thieves !!!  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Thorgrimm Shattershield (Dwarven Ranger)  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Tiago Baenre / Weapons Master, House of Baenre  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Torl'uk ; Cirith Ungol tower guard  (Lord of the Rings)
Trarrash and Jarliek -Trandoshan Thugs  (Star Wars)
Trazill (Minion of Durzilac the Wretched)  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Turi the celtic bear  (Gladiator)
U'Taalk Capt.of Zimbatu's guard  (Star Wars)
Ullk'wa / Wookie Mechanic  (Star Wars)
Valif Conu 'Ithorian guard'  (Star Wars)
Verinias Pullo Gorlitzia / Lanista of the House of Gorlitzia  (Gladiator)
Warduke  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Wolverine and Sabertooth Dio  (Marvel)
Wulfgar, Son of Beornegar  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Xecino 'Warrior Mindflayer'  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Yasumlir Shattershield ; Court wizard  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Young Boba Fett  (Star Wars)
Yuksan Jipp  (Star Wars)
Zabe Hren / Mandalorian Advanced Recon  (Star Wars)
Zaknafein Do'Urden, Weapons Master of House Daermon N'a'shezbaernon  (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Zarogons's Pack  (Star Wars)
Zartan  (G.I. Joe)
Zorloc Magma demon (Minion of Durzilac the Wretched)  (Dungeons and Dragons)
Ztilrog "Mind Flayer Warlock"  (Dungeons and Dragons)
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Jan 15, 2018 Welcome to Middle-EarthEomer, Marshall of the Mark battles un-horsed333.73 
Jan 15, 2018 Welcome to Middle-EarthGwaihir the Windlord343.94 
Aug 31, 2017 Ginormous GiantsLeaflock / Ash Ent494.55 
Oct 25, 2016 Zombie NationDarth Bane the Eternal303.57 
Sep 23, 2016 Barbarian HordeCaellack of Gaul633.59 
Sep 23, 2016 Barbarian HordeGor Litz603.42