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Showcase Rank:WandererFirst Made:Ahmed Johnson (JAKKS Deluxe)
Personal Best:Chyna (Jakks Deluxe Style)Crowd Favorite:Owen Hart
Current Projects:I'm always working on custom projects.. sometimes I have more than 1 project going on.. all at the same time...just makes things fresh., it's a very rewarding hobby and interesting to me, always learning something. These days i'm taking my time more on customs and trying to perfect to my likeing lol. Glad I found this site, everyone here is really cool and talented I must say! As of current i'm working on a vechile project and some other action figures...will very likely post when projects become nearer to being complete.
Comments:If you guys are looking for someone to shoot the breeze with and maybe talk on here once in awhile about wrestling, customs or just geek out with hit me up. As for trading I don't have much experience with that but I do have fodder parts so maybe if there is something you are looking for... we could work some kind of arrangement. ok, done rambling.

"Macho King" Randy Savage  (Wrestling)
80s Ultimate Warrior  (Wrestling)
Ahmed Johnson (JAKKS Deluxe)  (Wrestling)
Ahmed Johnson V.2 (deluxe)  (Wrestling)
Bret Hart (Street Gear) Jakks Deluxe Style  (Wrestling)
Cactus Jack (Jakks Deluxe Style)  (Wrestling)
Cage (Jakks Deluxe Style)  (Lucha Underground)
Chyna (Jakks Deluxe Style)  (Wrestling)
Duke Nukem (JAKKS Deluxe Style)  (Duke Nukem)
Goldberg  (Wrestling)
Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Deluxe)  (Wrestling)
Hollywood Hulk Hogan Jakks Classic  (Wrestling)
Hulk Hogan (1991)  (Wrestling)
Hulk Hogan (Early 2000's)  (Wrestling)
Hulk Hogan (mattel)  (Wrestling)
John McClane  (Die Hard)
Legion Of Doom Deluxe Jakks  (Wrestling)
Macho Man (Jakks Deluxe Style)  (Wrestling)
Mankind Jakks Deluxe  (Wrestling)
NWO Macho Man (Jakks Deluxe Style)  (Wrestling)
Owen Hart  (Wrestling)
Owen Hart (Jakks Deluxe Style)  (Wrestling)
Owen Hart Jakks Classic (King Of The Ring 1994 Attire)  (Wrestling)
Rambo 3  (Rambo)
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat  (Wrestling)
The Acolytes  (Wrestling)
Triple H Jakks Deluxe  (Wrestling)
Ultimate Warrior  (Wrestling)
Ultimate Warrior (Jakks Deluxe)  (Wrestling)
Vampiro WCW  (Wrestling)
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