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Showcase Rank:WandererFirst Made:Bloodgore
Personal Best:Rising Sun w Infinity Stones HulkCrowd Favorite:Aquas Sea King Hulk
Current Projects:Concept Cyborg Ultraviolet Lantern Superman
Honorable Mentions:Heavy Metal Red Hulk, Viking Zombie Spawn, Rain Prince God Concept, Maggot Alien Spawn, Reedemer 2099, Anihilim...
Comments:I primarily use Magic Sculpt, wire, Mr.Color paints, some Citadel and oil based paint markers and some KRYLON sprays. I hope to get myself a 3D printer to build action figure weapons for this hobby.

"Ashkan" Tribal Ninja Predator  (Predator)
"Warcry" Hulk  (Marvel Select)
Abominaticus  (Marvel Select)
Abominaticus - Roman Emperor Abomination  (Marvel Select)
Alien Maggot Spawn  (Spawn)
Anihilm Mortal Kombat Motaro Centaur Concept  (Spawn)
Anti-Iron Carnage  (Marvel Select)
Aquadane  (Spawn)
Aquas Sea King Hulk  (Marvel Select)
Aquas Sea Warrior  (Spawn)
Ascension Predator  (Predator)
Azrael as Spawn  (Spawn)
Batman as the Green Lantern  (DC Universe)
Bloodfang  (Spawn)
Bloodgore  (Spawn)
Bloodgore Deluxe Version  (Spawn)
Bloodshadow  (Marvel Legends)
Crimson The Ninja  (Superman)
Cy-Gor Anti Spawn  (Spawn)
Cyborg Ultraviolet Lantern Superman Concept  (Terminator)
Dawn the Infinity Costume  (Spawn)
Dea Intergalactic Warrior  (DC Universe)
Death Rise  (Spawn)
Devastator  (Marvel Select)
Devastator Batman  (Spawn)
Devastator Batman Brimstone Ver.  (Spawn)
Draconan (Abomination Custom)  (Marvel Select)
Draconan Clan Warrior  (DC Icons)
Draconan Elite Warrior  (DC Icons)
Duke the Mutant Space Trooper  (Gears Of War)
Emerald King  (Injustice)
Emerald King Alternate Costume  (Marvel Select)
Emerald King II  (DC Universe)
Ermac  (Spawn)
Ermac Custom V.2  (Mortal Kombat)
Ermac MKX Sorcerer Concept  (DC Universe)
Gears of Christmas Sergeant Nick  (Gears Of War)
Heavy Metal Hulk  (Marvel Select)
Hellrider Spawn  (Spawn)
Hulk The Star King  (Marvel Select)
Ironclad  (Spawn)
Kaliman  (DC Superheroes)
Kaliman v2  (DC Icons)
King Bloodgore  (Spawn)
King Diamond of Mercyful Fate  (WWE)
Manngargan - the Bearded Viking Spawn (Original Viking Spawn)  (Spawn)
Medieval Fireborn Witchblade  (DC Icons)
Merciless  (Injustice)
Merciless Omega (Hellinite Empowered)  (Spawn)
Mercilus Battleborn  (DC Universe)
Mercilus v3  (DC Universe)
Mercilus v4  (DC Universe)
Merk Zero - The Urizen  (DC Icons)
MK's Rain "Prince-God" Concept  (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight  (Marvel Legends)
Nightwolf Dark Moon Version  (Predator)
Ninja Spawn Battletorn w Massive Necroplasm Bleedout  (Spawn)
Noob Saibot MK4  (Marvel Legends)
Nuclear Attack Spawn  (Spawn)
Nuclear World War III Spawn  (Spawn)
Omega Spawn v2  (Marvel Select)
Raiden Elder God Champion  (God of War)
Red Shadow  (Marvel Select)
Rising Sun - Infinity Stones Red Hulk  (Marvel Select)
Rising Sun w Infinity Stones Hulk  (Marvel Select)
Sentry  (Marvel Select)
Shao Kahn on Throne Mortal Kombat 11  (Marvel Legends)
Shao Kahns Throne  (Spawn)
Shiarr Kingdom Predator  (Predator)
Spawn King Hellsbane  (Spawn)
Stealth Assassin Sub-Zero  (Mortal Kombat)
Sub-Zero Blue Steel  (Marvel Civil War)
Superpatriot 2099  (Image)
Superpatriot 2099 Alien Battle Torn  (Image)
Tal Mandurr (Blizzard Shaman)  (Marvel Legends)
Terakk - Nomad of Worlds  (Batman - Arkham City)
The Dark Mangler  (Predator)
The Darkness  (DC Direct)
The Dragonknight  (Spawn)
The Emerald King w Emerald Staff  (Marvel Legends)
The Medieval Darkness  (Darkness)
The Medieval Darkness  (Darkness)
The New Alien Spawn  (Spawn)
The New Gatekeeper  (Spawn)
The Omega Hellspawn  (Spawn)
The Reedemer 2099  (Spawn)
Thorak the Thunder Hulk  (Marvel Select)
Titan Predator  (Predator)
Ultra Viking Spawn  (Gears Of War)
Urek Elder King of Urizen  (Spawn)
Urizen the Shadow V2  (DC Superheroes)
Urizen V1  (DC Superheroes)
Viking Zombie Spawn  (Spawn)
Viking Zombie Spawn Crimson Cape Version  (Spawn)
Wanderer X  (Marvel Legends)
Winged King Bloodgore  (Spawn)
World War III Nuclear Spawn  (Spawn)
Zantu - The Dragon King  (Marvel Select)
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Total Contest Entries:6First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.32Second Places:0
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Entry Date
Dec 2, 2017 What If...And Why Not?Devastator Batman Brimstone Ver.263.58 
Sep 8, 2017 Future ShockNuclear World War III Spawn393.23 
Apr 30, 2015 Superior Beings"Warcry" Hulk773.55 
Feb 13, 2015 Symbiotes and ParasitesThe Medieval Darkness963.50 
Nov 2, 2014 Time WarpAbominaticus - Roman Emperor Abomination862.85 
Aug 10, 2014 Orion 2Ascension Predator663.24