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Showcase Rank:CraftsmanFirst Made:Zombie Lover
Personal Best:Triton, son of Poseidon, on his hippocampus drawn chariotCrowd Favorite:Zombie Lover
Current Projects:Hades
Honorable Mentions:My zombie figure got some love here on Figurerealm, does that count?
Comments:"Putty and paint make it what it ain't!"

6-Armed Spider-Man Clone  (Marvel Legends)
ALIEN Chest Burster  (Aliens)
Batman  (Marvel Legends)
Cannonball  (Marvel Legends)
Centaur  (Original)
Cyclops  (Marvel Legends)
Firestorm  (Marvel Legends)
Foom  (Marvel Legends)
Golden Age Flash - Jay Garrick  (Marvel Legends)
Hand Ninja Diorama  (Marvel Legends)
Ipod People  (Marvel Legends)
Kazar and Zabu  (Marvel Legends)
Maleficent  (Marvel Legends)
Namor - Imperius Rex  (Marvel Legends)
ROBIN the Boy Wonder  (Marvel Legends)
ROM Spaceknight  (Marvel Legends)
Sauron  (Marvel Legends)
Sunset Mermaid  (Marvel Legends)
Sunspot  (Marvel Legends)
The Mole Man  (Marvel Legends)
Thunderbird  (Marvel Legends)
Triton, son of Poseidon, on his hippocampus drawn chariot  (Marvel Legends)
Zombie Lover  (Marvel Legends)
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User Voted Rating:3.48Second Places:1
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Entry Date
Oct 4, 2015 Pirates Life 4 MeSunset Mermaid452.96 
Apr 11, 2007 Zombies - Dead or AliveZombie Lover194.00