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Showcase Rank:WandererFirst Made:Super Predalien
Personal Best:Terry the AlienCrowd Favorite:Ryushi Predalien
Current Projects:Some of H.R. Giger's artwork in toy form__Custom Space Jockey chair__Different strains of Xenomorphs_Dark Horse Comics Aliens and Predators__San, from Princess Mononoke__ Figma style Cowboy Bebop figures__Figma style Interstella 5555 figures__Cassie Hack and Vlad figures, from the Image Comics Hack/Slash series__1/6 scale Song Bird, from Bioshock Infinite
Honorable Mentions:All the compliments on my work I receive from my friends here on Figurerealm. I truly appreciate them.
Comments:I mostly make aliens. Mostly.....

A scary flesh monster  (Original)
Abbeymorph  (Aliens)
Alien Hive  (Aliens)
Alien Praetorian  (Aliens)
Aquamorph  (Aliens)
Big Chap Redux  (Aliens)
Big Ugly  (Aliens)
Carrier Alien (AVP Extinction)  (Alien vs Predator)
Chappie C. Chapman  (Aliens)
Cthulhu  (Original)
Dachande (Broken Tusk)  (Alien vs Predator)
Dachande and Machiko Noguchi  (Alien vs Predator)
Dragonmorph  (Aliens)
Elizabeth (re-paint)  (Bioshock)
Eloise  (Aliens)
Embryonic Xenomorph egg  (Aliens)
Flesh Creature #3  (Original)
Fleshy Frank  (Original)
Gemini Xenos  (Aliens)
Ghostman  (Original)
Gwen SerpentChild  (Aliens)
Gwen-O-Morph  (Aliens)
Huntress Wizard  (Adventure Time)
Internecivus Pseudocreobotra raptus  (Aliens)
Jerry the alien  (Aliens)
Kill Bill (Aliens)  (Kill Bill)
King Alien  (Aliens)
Lady in the Woods  (Original)
LED enhanced Subject Delta  (Bioshock)
Light-Stepper  (Alien vs Predator)
Mature Deacon Concept Figure-(Prometheus)  (Aliens)
Mature Deacon V2  (Aliens)
Moon Girl  (Marvel Legends)
Necromorph  (Aliens)
Necronaut  (Original)
Necronom IX  (Aliens)
Neomorph Queen  (Aliens)
Newt scenes  (Aliens)
No-Face  (Spirited Away)
Overseer  (Aliens)
Ripley 88  (Aliens)
Ryushi Predalien  (Alien vs Predator)
San (Princess Mononoke)  (Original)
Santamorph  (Aliens)
Space Jockey  (Aliens)
Specimen 6  (Aliens)
Super Predalien  (Alien vs Predator)
TAARNA! (Heavy Metal)  (Original)
Taarna! (Redux)  (Original)
Terry the Alien  (Aliens)
The Hierophant  (Aliens)
The Lich King  (Adventure Time)
The Stalk  (Original)
Trogdor the Burninator  (Original)
Vanguard  (Aliens)
Vash the Alien (Trigun)  (Aliens)
Xenomorph hive-2  (Aliens)
Xenomorph Praetorian  (Alien vs Predator)
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Custom Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:15First Places:2
User Voted Rating:3.97Second Places:2
   Third Places:0

Entry Date
Nov 28, 2017 Fearful AsymmetryLady in the Woods474.17 
Nov 27, 2017 Fearful AsymmetryAlien Hive444.05 
Nov 24, 2017 Fearful AsymmetryDragonmorph494.47 
May 27, 2017 Weird ScienceNecronaut384.18 
May 26, 2017 Weird ScienceNewt scenes374.27 
May 14, 2017 Gimmicks Galore!Carrier Alien (AVP Extinction)534.02 
Mar 29, 2017 Paranormal ActivityCthulhu484.54 
Mar 29, 2017 Paranormal ActivityAquamorph464.15 
Mar 15, 2017 JapanimaniaNo-Face373.86 
Jan 25, 2017 Apocalypse NowRipley 88514.08 
Nov 9, 2016 Zombie NationNecromorph333.67 
Sep 27, 2016 Barbarian HordeLight-Stepper614.13 
Aug 15, 2016 Scream For MeRyushi Predalien484.27 
Apr 15, 2016 BladesGhostman442.73 
Apr 15, 2016 BladesTAARNA! (Heavy Metal)443.02