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Aquaman  (Total Justice)
Arsenal  (Total Justice)
Avengers collection  (Avengers)
Baron Zemo  (Avengers)
Bastion  (X-Men)
Batgirl  (Total Justice)
Batman  (Total Justice)
Batman collection  (Batman)
Bizzaro  (Total Justice)
Black Adam  (Total Justice)
Black canary  (Total Justice)
Black knight  (Avengers)
Black manta  (Total Justice)
Black panther  (Avengers)
Boomer  (X-Force)
Booster Gold  (Total Justice)
Brainiac  (Total Justice)
Cable  (X-Force)
Captain Atom  (Total Justice)
Captain cold  (Total Justice)
Captain Mar-Vell  (Avengers)
Captain Marvel  (Avengers)
Catwoman  (Total Justice)
Crystal  (Avengers)
Cyborg  (Total Justice)
Dazzler  (X-Men)
Deadshot  (Total Justice)
Deathstroke  (Total Justice)
Domino  (X-Force)
Dr Fate  (Total Justice)
Firestorm  (Total Justice)
Forge  (X-Men)
Garok the petrified man  (X-Men)
General Zod  (Total Justice)
Gorilla Grodd  (Total Justice)
Green Arrow  (Total Justice)
Green lantern  (Total Justice)
Guy Gardner  (Total Justice)
Harley quinn  (Total Justice)
Hepzibah  (X-Men)
Hercules  (Avengers)
Hope Summers  (X-Men)
Hugo Strange  (Total Justice)
Iron Man  (Avengers)
Jean Grey  (X-Men)
Jessica Jones  (Marvel)
John Stewart  (Total Justice)
Joseph  (X-Men)
Justice league collection  (Total Justice)
Kaine  (Spider-Man)
Kang the Conqueror  (Avengers)
Kid flash  (Total Justice)
Killer frost  (Total Justice)
Kitty Pryde  (X-Men)
Lex Luthor  (Total Justice)
Lobo  (Total Justice)
Longshot  (X-Men)
Marrow  (X-Men)
Meggan  (X-Men)
Moonstar  (X-Force)
Mr.Miracle  (Total Justice)
Nightwing  (Total Justice)
Nightwing V2  (Total Justice)
Ocean Master  (Total Justice)
Orion  (Total Justice)
Pete wisdom  (X-Men)
Poison Ivy  (Total Justice)
Power girl  (Total Justice)
R'as al ghul  (Total Justice)
Rachel Summers  (X-Men)
Red hood  (Total Justice)
Reignfire  (X-Force)
Reverse Flash  (Total Justice)
Robin  (Total Justice)
Sage  (X-Men)
Scarlett Witch  (Avengers)
Sersi  (Avengers)
Shazam  (Total Justice)
Sinestro  (Total Justice)
Star Saphire  (Total Justice)
Starfire  (Total Justice)
Starfox  (Avengers)
Superman  (Total Justice)
Swamp thing  (Total Justice)
Syrin  (X-Force)
The Joker  (Total Justice)
The Punisher  (Marvel)
The Ray  (Total Justice)
The Vision  (Avengers)
Toad  (X-Men)
Two Face  (Justice League)
US Agent  (Avengers)
Vandal Savage  (Total Justice)
Vixen  (Total Justice)
Wildcat  (Total Justice)
Wildchild  (X-Factor)
Winter soldier  (Avengers)
X force collection  (X-Force)
X-men collection  (X-Men)
Zattana  (Total Justice)
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