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Send me a message or email explaining what you'd like made and we'll go from there.

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Honorable Mentions:Former prolific writer for the world famous...and now defunct Articulated Discussion (dot com) action figure review site.

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams  (Wrestling)
Ace the Bathound  (Batman Beyond)
Amazing Man  (DC Universe)
Amazon (Removable Armor)(NSFW)  (Marvel Legends)
Amazoness Sword  (Yugioh)
Amphibian  (Squadron Supreme)
ARC Trooper (Female)  (Star Wars)
Armored Black Power Ranger (MMPR)  (Power Rangers)
Assassin and Super Destroyer Heads  (Wrestling)
Bane  (Batman: The Animated Series)
Baron Blitzkrieg  (DC Universe)
Baroness Blitzkrieg  (DC Universe)
Basculin  (Pokemon)
Batman  (DC Universe)
Batman (Justice Lord)  (DC Universe)
Batman Beyond  (Batman Beyond)
Batroc the Leaper  (Marvel Legends)
Beast  (X-Men)
Berserker Cord  (Torchlight)
Big Barda (Earth 2)  (DC Universe)
Big Barda (Justice League Beyond) [NSFW]  (Batman Beyond)
Big Sexy Crimson  (G.I. Joe)
Blur  (Supreme Power)
Cammy White (G.I. Joe Style)  (G.I. Joe)
Cannonball ('90s X-Force)  (X-Force)
Captain America  (Marvel)
Chris Jericho ("Codebreaker" Attire)  (Wrestling)
Chris Jericho ("Lion" Attire)  (Wrestling)
Chris Jericho ("Role Model" Attire)  (Wrestling)
Chris Jericho (Purple Barbed Wire Attire)  (Wrestling)
Clone ARC Trooper Captain  (Star Wars)
Clone Ordnance Specialist (Bomb Squad Trooper)  (Star Wars)
Combat Electrician  (G.I. Joe)
Commander Appo  (Star Wars)
Dazzler (Outback)  (X-Men)
Death Trooper (Carnage Motif)  (Borderlands)
Death Trooper (Flakker Motif)  (Borderlands)
Deku Shield  (Legend of Zelda)
Dirk Anger  (Nextwave)
Dr Nightmare  (Lord of the Rings)
Dr. Spectrum  (Squadron Supreme)
Echo  (Star Wars)
El Santo  (Wrestling)
Elena Elkhorn  (Whispering Willows)
Emma Frost  (X-Men)
Ex-Nihila  (Marvel Legends)
Fishman  (Wrestling)
Ghost Rider  (Marvel Legends)
Ghoul  (Batman Beyond)
Grand Wizard Heads  (Wrestling)
Green Lantern  (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern (Bug)  (Green Lantern)
Hei (The Black Reaper)  (Darker Than Black)
Inque  (Batman Beyond)
Iron Raven  (Justice League)
Jaina Solo (Rebel) [Fan Concept]  (Star Wars)
Johnny Quick  (DC Universe)
Kitty Pryde  (X-Men)
Lightning Lad  (DC Universe)
Link  (Legend of Zelda)
Masked Superstar  (Wrestling)
Masked Wrestlers (Heads)  (Wrestling)
Matron Wraith of Unpleasantness  (Original)
Maverick  (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight  (Marvel Legends)
Motoko Kusanagi  (Ghost in the Shell)
Motor Viper (Modern Concept)  (G.I. Joe)
Neutron (Classic Imperial Guard)  (Marvel Legends)
Night Ranger  (DC Universe)
Obsidian Longknife  (Original)
Painkiller Jane  (Painkiller Jane)
Powers of Pain and DOOM  (Wrestling)
Psylocke (Uncanny X-Force)  (X-Men)
Punisher (Contest Trophy Figure)  (Punisher)
Quakemaster  (DC Universe)
Real American  (DC Universe)
Realm Chick  (Figure Realm)
Red She-Hulk  (Marvel Legends)
Red Sonja  (Red Sonja)
Red Sonja's Axe  (Red Sonja)
Red Star  (G.I. Joe)
Rewire  (Batman Beyond)
Rogue  (X-Men)
S.H.I.E.L.D Trooper  (S.H.I.E.L.D)
S.W.A.T. Chick  (G.I. Joe)
Sabine Wren's Blasters  (Star Wars Rebels)
Safeguard Axe  (World of Warcraft)
Scarlet Spider (Now With Pants!)  (Marvel Legends)
Scorn (Ceritak)  (Superman)
Skeletor (Stjepan Sejic Style)  (Masters of the Universe)
Son of Havoc (Matthew Capiccioni)  (Lucha Underground)
Space Trooper  (X-Panders)
Spellbinder  (Batman Beyond)
Spider-Man (Black Symbiote Suit)  (Marvel Legends)
Stalker  (Batman Beyond)
Strongarm  (Transformers)
Superman (Justice League Beyond)  (Batman Beyond)
Superman (Justice Lord)  (Justice League Unlimited)
Tarantula  (DC Universe)
Team Rocket Executive  (Team Rocket)
Team Rocket Grunt  (Team Rocket)
The Hulk  (Incredible Hulk)
The Huntress  (Risk of Rain)
The Penguin  (Batman)
The Phantom  (Phantom)
The Porcupine  (Heroclix)
The Punisher  (Marvel Legends)
The Spot  (Spider-Man)
The Torpedo  (Marvel Legends)
Thor, Lord of Asgard  (Marvel Legends)
Venom  (Marvel Knights)
War Zone  (Marvel Knights)
Warhawk  (Batman Beyond)
Winter Soldier  (Marvel Legends)
Wolfpack Clone Troopers  (Star Wars)
Zyklon  (DC Universe)
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Entry Date
Oct 17, 2016 Glenn WebbScarlet Spider (Now With Pants!)423.79 
Oct 13, 2015 Tough EnoughWarhawk634.10 
May 23, 2007 Alternate RealitiesVenom424.43 
Dec 22, 2006 Comic FusionWar Zone204.25 
Jun 12, 2006 Conquerors & MonstersLink93.22