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Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 9 - Galactus Series
Rated 5.00 stars by modern_messiah
.Bullseye, one of Daredevil's arch rivals, finally makes his appearance in Marvel Legends. The sculpt is reasonably good, but not outstanding. The facial expression is quite sinister, which is what I'd expect for a villain. The body sculpt is typical Toy Biz standards,a lot of articulation points. 44 points of articulation make Bullseye a hell lot of posing fun. These movements are found on his neck, shoulders (multiple points that stretch to the back), upper arms, double elbows, lower arms, wrists, fingers, torso, waist, hips, upper legs, double knees, lower legs, ankles and toes. While this may be quite the standard for characters of this scale, ie. the leaner looking ones, it's still quite a feat to have so much movement on a 6" figure. I'm quite surprised they didn't allow his...[See More]
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 13 - Onslaught Series
Rated 5.00 stars by modern_messiah
Okay, I was down at ASDA, which is basically owned by Walmart and I came across a bunch of ML figs. They had the onslaught series, and they were only £5.00, so I thought I might as well buy one. I was indecisive with choice, and so I picked up abomination as I needed villain for my 1st appearance grey Hulk. He looked large and worth my money, so I purchased him. Once I opened him I was amazed. The figure looks large and epic, and i love the size. He is finely detailed with goosebumps and boils and has a face like a cooked frog. The color is different to that of the packaged design but gives him a more evil look, like he just climbed out of your toilet or something. Articulation is hard to score as he clicks but yet he is amazing. His sheer weight gives it a nice 'toy' feel, as though...[See More]
X-Men - 2006 Series (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Rated 4.50 stars by modern_messiah
Warren Worthington the third, all round pretty boy and rich kid. A mutant since birth, Warren produced large angel-like wings which sprouted form his shoulder blades, and became a superhero, calling himself the Avenging Angel. This attracted the attention of Professor Charles Xavier. He was one of the founding members of the X-men and was given the nickname Angel. As the years progressed, the X-men faced a foe named Apocalypse, which (with the help of Mr Sinister) turned Angel into the horseman Death, turning Warren's large feathery wings into large metally wings and his skin turned blue, he became one of Apocalypses four horsemen: Death. The figure itself is very good, but I find the face terrible, as his eyebrows are blonde which does not contrast at all and he has ears (as Death...[See More]
Pilot Spawn
Spawn (McFarlane) - Special Edition (Gold Kay Bee Exclusives)
Rated 3.00 stars by modern_messiah
I got this figure for Christmas and it is pretty groovy. Being a Limited-Edition Version, it is one of my most prized spawn action figures. The paint is completely Gold, and is basically a pilot spawn painted in gold. Only the eyes are green, and there's a skull sticker near his gun holster thingy. There are overall 9 points of articulation, including the head. Spawn comes with a pretty cool golden (yes, golden) jetpack that is rather bulky but clips onto his waist. A trigger on the back of it fires a large missile which goes roughly 6 feet, enough to nock over violator. He also comes with a dagger (yes, it is golden) that slots nicely into a pouch on his ankle, a single action hand gun that goes in his gun holster near his left shoulder, and a semi-automatic upgraded mp-5 style gun, all...[See More]
Black Widow 2
Marvel Select (Diamond Select)
Rated 4.50 stars by modern_messiah
I was in my local TK Maxx shop when I came across this marvel select black widow 2. It was only ?4.00, and I thought I'd buy it. I was a bit confused why it was a blonde black widow with short hair- then I looked at the back. It seems as though she is the second black widow. The casing was brilliant - it gave you that 'I've got a good one this time' feel, and I was impressed with the detail and accessories. Black Widow comes with an ak-47 and handgun- exactly the same ones that come with Ml punisher, but I don't wind. She also comes with a removable dagger and holster for those 'Haha,she's unarmed, let's get her! AAh ghuh... Knife.instomach...unh.' situations xD. I don't mind the lack of articulation - it's easy to see she's for display purpose only. The hands are non dexterous -...[See More]
Henchmen4Hire -
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Brilliant xD
Lensing Necro
Chronicles of Riddick (SOTA)
Rated 4.00 stars by modern_messiah
A while after I bought my Riddick figures, I got a Lensing Necromoncer for my birthday. This figure is quite cool, but the lack of ball joints mean the legs move forward slightly and barely backward at all. His neck is permanently in a forward looking pose, and he comes with no accessories apart from his longing to be a real boy. It would have been nice to have had the viewing pad that he is attached to, but you can't wish for everything. The paint is fine, but there's not much to be done for he is nearly completely covered in black. It would be cool to have a removable helmet but I guess the purple lens over the face makes up for that. Overall a decent accessory- like a henchman....[See More]
Chronicles of Riddick (SOTA)
Rated 4.00 stars by modern_messiah
Vaako is well detailed in his Necromonger armor and looks truly appealing. His armor makes Vaako look highly polished and strong- including his shoulder pads that make him look very manly. His paint is done without fault and creates the rust effect on his armor. Vaako comes with three accessories: his helmet which signifies his upranking; his large necro axe-type weapon and the magnificent necro boom gun. Man, that sure would come handy in real life! ...[See More]
Chronicles of Riddick (SOTA)
Rated 2.00 stars by modern_messiah
A while ago I came across a Forbidden Planet store in Leicestershire where among I spotted the Chronicles of Riddick action figures. Riddick himself was way too expensive to buy, but I managed to get 2 figures. There was Kyra, Lord Marshal and Vaako. There was also The Lensing Necro but I didn't fancy him. Kyra is around 7 inches tall and Is slightly poorly produced. The hair at the back of her head is sticky and has left ugly brown marks on her skin. The joints are stiff and complicated, there is no point in having turnable bits at the top of her upper arm, which disaligns her arm. The legs are too big and the knee joints are stiff. Apart from that, she is movie accurate and comes with two pistols. ...[See More]
Hellboy (No Coat) (Closed Mouth & Closed Fist)
Hellboy (Mezco)
Rated 3.50 stars by modern_messiah
I've had this figure for a while, and thought I should review it. The Hellboy Movie Figure stands 8" tall, and comes with his trademark Samaritan 4 - shot revolver with opening barrel. He is finely detailed - his BPRD insignia on his belt, a long red tail and a huge stone hand with engraving. Hellboy is good and solid, his holster is made of fine rubber and the whole figure is painted finely. His muscles are realistic - for an 8 foot beast from the land of Satan that is. I read on the Walmart website he comes with radio and horse shoe- nowhere to be seen. He cost me ?12.50 from a comic book store in Broadstairs, which is reasonably priced as these figures are rarely seen. I want the Kroenen and Abe Sapien as they look good too. ...[See More]
Spawn I.095
Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 25 - Classic Comic Covers 2
Rated 4.00 stars by modern_messiah
I was on a day trip to Brighton when e came across a comic book store. It had just been after my 12th birthday, and I had some birthday money, about ?180. I saw on the top shelf of this store was a 12" Spawn, only ?20! I bought it and opened it at home and was truly amazed. The detail and capturing of facial expression was brilliant, even though he was wearing a mask! The time and effort taken to make this figure was brilliant. There is very little articulation, but this is not a toy, even though you would like more dexterity for posing. The cape is non- removable, which I found disappointing, and the chains are made of real steel. The cape is finely painted with added shading and harmonious colors, the traditional dark red and black. I find that they haven't varnished the paint so it...[See More]
Henchmen4Hire -
Saturday, October 28, 2006
Hah, fiddly bits, priceless :P
Your grammar alone was worth reading the review
I''ve seen a bunch of Spawn statue-esque figures, but I must admit some of them are inspiring!
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