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Reviews by Ronnstein
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Rated 4.50 stars by Ronnstein
Hands down one of the best ML action figures around, Deadpool has got it all: articulation and weapons. I just can't understand what that leg holster is for, since they're not really for the guns, but are too loose for the sais. Oh well, I just put the sais in there. Nice job on the colors, too. The replaceable head adds a nice touch to the figure as well. Excellent body proportion, except on Deadpool's shoulder joints which look kinda awkward, like he's got two melons for shoulders. Another must-have, and that's why Deadpool is included in my ML collection....[See More]
Purity -
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Agreed! The reason for the sais being so loose for the pouch is because DP's body is actually re-used. The original figure used was Urban Legends Daredevil, who's pouch is made for his billy clubs. They fit nicely in the pouch, but DP's sais don't. The body is a GREAT scult for Deadpool though.
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 5
Rated 4.00 stars by Ronnstein
One of the ML figures a collector should definitely have, ML5 Colossus definitely brings the 2D comicbook character into 3D life. Action figure life, that is. Excellent POA, though ToyBiz could have given this some more articulation on the fingers. Excellent paint wash on the metallic parts -- makes him look harder than the paint job on the XMC Colossus which seems to lack that black wash effect. The only negative I can see is that I've been on my second ML5 Colossus, and they both seem to suffer from a loose waist swivel joint, right out of the packaging. And that the yellow paint job on the rubber-like vest seems to rub off easily. One more thing: that armpit joint (or whatever they really call it) looks weird when one raises the figure's arms up. It's like Colossus has got big...[See More]
Captain America (Ultimate)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 8
Rated 4.50 stars by Ronnstein
Another one of the must-haves in ToyBiz' ML line, Ultimate Captain America is one of the very well-sculpted figures with tons of articulation. And no more silly little white wings on the head, which makes this figure look more serious. Except for that lipstick thing again on the lips, just like on ML6 Cable. But that's easily overlooked. IMO, this is way better than ML1 Captain America -- definitely Ultimate....[See More]
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Rated 4.00 stars by Ronnstein
Excellent sculpt and POA on this figure. The only minus points were the paint job on Cable's lips (lipstick?) and the fact that the cybernetic arms were molded out of flesh-colored plastic then painted in silver, which might have a tendency to rub off. I can't really understand the bike/BFG combo weapon at first, but it is still impressive. Nice touch also with the ammo-laden shoulder pads, except how it is mounted on the figure with that slot on the back. Overall it is one of the best ML figures around, and should be on everybody's wants list....[See More]
G.I. Joe - Classic Collection (Hasbro) - Series 3
Rated 5.00 stars by Ronnstein
Simply the best-looking 3.75-inch action figure in the G.I. Joe line, even with those big, round eyeglasses she's wearing. Perfectly proportioned, with a beautiful face sculpt. And her all-black outfit made her look sexy and deadly at the same time....[See More]
G.I. Joe - Classic Collection (Hasbro) - Series 4
Rated 4.00 stars by Ronnstein
Barbecue was one of the very first G.I. Joe figures I came across with, when a neighbor brought one home (along with Recondo). Though it was not the very first G.I. Joe action figure I purchased, he was one of the figures I really sought after. Too bad I had to wait a year or more, to finally find one on the store pegs. Came with a backpack, a gun-type nozzle with hose assembly, and a nice-looking axe....[See More]
G.I. Joe - Classic Collection (Hasbro) - Series 4
Rated 4.00 stars by Ronnstein
Sporting yellow with touches of olive green, Airtight was one of my favorite figures even though he was not sporting traditional military colors. But then again, chemical warfare isn't really considered 'traditional' warfare by any means. Came with a backpack, a rifle-type thing with a hose attachment, and another hose which fits on the upper part of the backpack and connects to the back of Airtight's helmet. The tiny peg on the bottom of the backpack where the rifle hose connects to is very delicate, and broke off rather easily....[See More]
G.I. Joe - Classic Collection (Hasbro) - Series 5
Rated 4.00 stars by Ronnstein
This was my first G.I. Joe action figure, back in '86. I was initially planning on purchasing Airtight but I guess the bright green color was too much to resist during that time. His helmet kind of reminded me of RoboCop, though, but that character was still cool back then. Sci-Fi came with a backpack (bright green as well), laser rifle and hose attachment....[See More]
A-Team (Galoob) - 3 3/4" Scale - 4-Packs
Rated 3.50 stars by Ronnstein
I bought this set after Christmas of 1985 with the money I had collected as gifts from relatives. Back then the A-Team was one of the most popular foreign shows in television where I live (Philippines). These were the first figures I bought that had multiple articulation - swivel arms, elbow and knee joints, etc. - before coming across my very first GI Joe figures several months afterwards. The articulation of these figures was the main factor in my purchase, with the novelty of the television show coming in at close second. The overall quality of these toys is the reason for the rather mediocre rating. Their thumbs snapped off rather easily after a few weeks of normal play (I remember one snapping off after accidentally dropping off from the cabinet to the tiled floor), and joints...[See More]
hawkeye -
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
I had these, I agree, there were alot of quality issues. I wish I still had them
Unknown User -
Friday, October 19, 2007
I had these figures also. Their parts were interchangable with the my old GI Joes.
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