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Ezio (Auditore da Firenze)
Assassin's Creed II (Neca)
Rated 3.00 stars by Deaditor
In some ways a step forward others a step back from the original entry to the AC series Altair. The renaissance attired Ezio certainly has less cumbersome robes in the way but suffers from stiffer legs meaning less possibility than before. The articulation isn’t any worse but hasn’t improved and some of it is hindered due to larger sleeves on the arms for example. He looks the part, though the ACII hidden blades designed for the new line are terribly made being softer plastic that doesn’t work well. One major issue I have is the lack of any accessories. There were so many weapons in the new game and a basic sword would have been nice. Instead we get two flimsy open hands that look alien and because they are open they can’t hokd anything. Now this is due to getting the hidden blade look...[See More]
Assassin's Creed (Neca)
Rated 4.00 stars by Deaditor
I remember when this game and subsequently this figure came out. I’m not entirely sure how many but I’ve come across 2 variants, whether it’s just updates on the original figure or another company reproducing there are 2 with some differences, so do your research if you’re buying one. The first figure I got was possibly the original model or a cheaper version as his weapons were shinier but thinner in the blade parts. The colour palette was also different this one having a darker dirtier tunic with sandier looking arms, whereas the other version which is either the update or official had white white robes like in the game but purple tinted arms (needless to say I swapped mine) and the hidden blade was shorter and I preferred the shinier one so also swapped those. The newer or official one...[See More]
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Series 2
Rated 3.70 stars by Deaditor
For such a rare figure he doesn’t live up to much. Some good enough articulation and he has his hat and cane but no glasses for some reason. There’s not tonnes to talk about when it comes to this figure other than its a bit disappointing and I know lots of people’s canes have broken....[See More]
Jervis Tech: The Mad Hatter
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Series 2
Rated 3.00 stars by Deaditor
What can be said that hasn’t already been said: the figure is small and yet the same price as other. It has nice details and a removable hat but probably should have come with more accessories or perhaps cams with another figure as he’s such a small figure alone. He’s ok for articulation but can’t really pose much with his hands beyond what you see....[See More]
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Series 2
Rated 3.50 stars by Deaditor
A nicely detailed figure with fair articulation and yet it has one issue that seems odd to exist. So Hush has 2 handguns and if you try to get him to hold them he breaks the hair trigger... so the hands aren’t sculpted to grip his own weapons it seems. This oversight is a bit of an issue so be careful if you’re posing this character with weapons or swap them for different guns. It would be cool to have an alternative head of a scared stitched Bruce Wayne and I’m glad they actually finished this characters arc in the next game, though it’s a bit lack lustre in execution. Overall a decent figure....[See More]
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Series 4
Rated 4.90 stars by Deaditor
If you’re going to get a Batman figure from City this is the one to get. He is super articulated, thankfully they realised we’d want one like this. He can hold a batarang nicely and can get into a number of poses. I’m so glad they made this as the other figures whilst detailed nicely just can’t compete with this design. I think the plastic used is better also with more gritty looking detail. Overall it’s leactically perfect the only changes I ever make to my various Batman figures is giving them a new cloak that is cloth and poseable with wires inside allowing to pose better and remove some of the weight of a figure by getting rid of their heavy vinyl capes. As it is it’s basically perfect, the headsculpt isn’t the best but it’s passable and looks about right....[See More]
Mr. Freeze
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Deluxe Figures
Rated 4.00 stars by Deaditor
A rare and expensive figure that looks the part comes with his gun and a removable visor. I only have one issue with this figure and that’s gr arm articulation as there isn’t much meaning he can’t really pose much or turn his arms side to side. Other than that he is a bigger figure as he should be with nice details and the fact that you can remove the visor means you can have Batman smash open his suit just like in the game. Obviously I recommend getting him it’s just one little issue which can be looked past....[See More]
Killer Croc
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Deluxe Figures
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
This is a highly detailed big bulky figure with decent articulation an opening jaw and real metal chains. This is by far one of the best Arkham figures. I’ve seen people having problems with him online but personally I’ve had none and mines never been stiff or damaged or broken so I guess I just got lucky. What can I say but this is my favourite Killer Croc design, the level in Asylum is such a cool and different experience to other boss battles and figure is a must have....[See More]
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Deluxe Figures
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
This used to be my biggest figure before I got the Neca Balrog. It is huge though with great sculpt, features to reinact the game and a menacing presence. He has an interchangeable right hand so he can have a sythe arm and his left arm can be swapped from a normal arm to a joker painted one for when he turns from jokers doppelgänger back to his clay form. His head is removable as it pops onto a smaller joker head for that joker changing into clayface scene also. He has frost and ice on his back to represent Batman’s ice grenades and comes with Talia Al Ghuls sword that can be stuck into his back like in the game also. They really went all out on this guy and he looks awesome for it and is heavy and huge. Definitely worth getting...[See More]
Sickle & The Penguin
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - 2-Packs
Rated 4.50 stars by Deaditor
I have only 1 issue with this 2 pack and it’s just Penguins lack of leg movement. The sculpt is why his legs don’t move at all and the detail is superb, but articulation is sacrificed there. He comes with his hat, cane and a cigar whilst Sickle comes with his sickle. Both figures are basically perfect it’s a must have for Arkham fans....[See More]
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