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Batman - Arkham Origins Reviews
Batman - Arkham Origins (DC Collectibles) - Wave 1
Rated 4.90 stars by Deaditor
Bane was such an imposing force in this game. I felt he was a let down in Asylum having a short basic brute battle with him that didn’t really amount to anything that fun or challenging and lacked Bane’s skill as an intellectual strategist. This Bane beats you down so that you can’t afford to not completely focus your attention on this guy and discovers your identity and almost kills Alfred leading to a rivalry I wanted to see. I was excited to get the figure of him and he’s pretty great. There’s lots of detail and good enough articulation though possibly a bit more would have been welcome for posing he’s bigger than Batman, can hold him as if he were to break the Bat and his venom tubes can be removed adding to the way Batman defeats him. A must have figure if one of the most satisfying...[See More]
Batman - Arkham Origins (DC Collectibles) - Wave 2
Rated 2.00 stars by Deaditor
Hands down the most irritating action figure I have ever owned. I really enjoyed Firefly in this game and the boss battle was so intense but this figure is so easily broken. D.C. direct have this weird obsession with using a clear plastic joint system for whatever reason and the plastic used breaks so easily. I’ve had an arm snap off and both legs so massive surgery was needed and even now I feel disappointed with the result. It’s become one of the rarer more expensive Arkham figures and sure it looks good but if you’re one to remove figures from packaging to pose or display them just be so careful with this one because it breaks so easily and that alone ruins the figures rating. I would find it hard to recommend getting this except for completionists/ MIB collectors or die hard fans of...[See More]
Batman - Arkham Origins (DC Collectibles) - Wave 2
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
Does it get any better than Deathstroke? Well it’s a near perfect figure. It’s super articulated, as he should be, has his handgun, staff and sword and the paint job is marvellous. One could see an issue in perhaps an inability to grasp a sword in two hands and the multiverse figures sword is possibly more accurate sword hilt wise (which is why I personally combined the two) but overall he’s just a really well done rendition of the characters who is fun to pose. He was a big part of the trailer and has a memorable fight that pushes Batman, though it’s a shame there wasn’t more than one and the buildup in Knight leads to ultimately a disappointment with just another tank fight no personal face to face duel. They went out of their way to make this figure more articulate than the rest and it...[See More]
Batman - Arkham Origins (DC Collectibles) - Wave 1
Rated 4.00 stars by kingdiegond
The Arkham gaming franchise gave us a great deal of possibilities for action figures. In the Arkham Origins game, we can see one of the best looks and design for the Batman's suit. He uses a kind of armour, practical and imposing at the same time. This look is perfectly translated into plastic with this figure made by DC Collectibles. It is brilliantly sculpted by Gentle Giant, with a bulky feature. We can see some gadgets in his belt (non removable, unfortunately) and the cape is made of a rubbery and flexible plastic. The figure is also extremely well painted. Every detail has it's correct colour. All the shades of gray we see in the game are presenting in the figure. The skin tone also match the source, plus, the paint wash of the face not covered with the cowl has an effect of...[See More]
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