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Balrog Battle Gandalf (Lord of the Rings - Trilogy) Review
Balrog Battle Gandalf
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz)This figure leaves something to be desired. I personally have found this figure extremely useful customising wise and it is the base to my gandalf the grey figure which is combined with each of the various Gandalf figures from the lotr and the hobbit. What you get is a fairly well articulated Gandalf with a rubbish glamdring but the staff is fine. The hair piece is stuck on his head with a hanging over his face design to represent the scene which is kind of cool and he has a base stand of the bridge that has a button that when pressed says “you shall not pass!” I think this figure is worth getting as it’s a decent representation of the scene but for me personally the parts I like are the body as it’s got the best lower robe and torso which if you then combine with the lower arms and head of that super poseable Gandalf and a sword from a gandalf the white figure you have a perfect gandalf with super articulation.

      3.5 stars by Deaditor

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