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Gil-Galad (Spear Attack Action) (Lord of the Rings - Trilogy) Review
Gil-Galad (Spear Attack Action)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz)Gil Galad was an elvish king of whom the elves do sadly sing, long story short Sauron set him on fire with his grip and it was only story boarded so the actor didn’t get to do much. This is a really decent figure with nice details, paint apps, accessories including his silver lance and shield and has an action feature of attacking when a button is pressed. I don’t have many complaints about this figure though I suppose some of the articulation could be better in some places and the paint apps on the shield seem a bit cartoonish or off but they also add a distinction to the regular shields the elves use.

      4.5 stars by Deaditor

User Comments
Red Wolf -
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Great figure, Just got Gil-galad in a three pack with Sauron last week. Wish the Elf King got more screen time, it would have been cool to see Gil-galad showing off a little more of his fighting skills with his spear Aeglos!
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