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Altair (Assassin's Creed) Review
Assassin's Creed (Neca)I remember when this game and subsequently this figure came out. I’m not entirely sure how many but I’ve come across 2 variants, whether it’s just updates on the original figure or another company reproducing there are 2 with some differences, so do your research if you’re buying one. The first figure I got was possibly the original model or a cheaper version as his weapons were shinier but thinner in the blade parts. The colour palette was also different this one having a darker dirtier tunic with sandier looking arms, whereas the other version which is either the update or official had white white robes like in the game but purple tinted arms (needless to say I swapped mine) and the hidden blade was shorter and I preferred the shinier one so also swapped those. The newer or official one also has ball socket hand joints allowing some wrist movement whereas the older or possible knock off just has swivel ones. I know from a friends experience the throwing knives don’t fit in well and their sheaths fall off and in my experience his scabbard did the same on both versions so some super glue maintenance might be required.

The actual figure itself has a neck on a ball joint so it can rotate 360 and look up and down, single jointed hinged swivel arms ,elbows, knees, ankles and upper legs and the wrist rotation as mentioned as well as some torso swivelling. However the robes prevent any major posing typical of the earlier Neca assassins creed figures.

Overall it’s not a bad figure which includes his sword, 4 throwing knives, dagger, hidden blade storage for all and excellent detailing, but better things were to come.

      4 stars by Deaditor

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