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Magneto (X-Men - Movie) Review
X-Men - Movie (Toy Biz)This was a really cool figure when I first got him, he was like most of the first movie figures he had his own special action button and a display base that could also do something else, but he came out during a time when toybiz still had limited articulation. The figure itself looks a bit young like maybe it was a magneto from a few years ago but still yet nothing to worry about. His one hand is in a fist and his other is in a position to move objects with his mutant ability, oh did I mention that there are magnets in his hands, yeah magnets so that you could actually put metal objects in it! Now here's where I got confused was on the base, I mean it was easy enough to assemble but the missile it came with I don't know if it was just mine but I had a horrible time trying to get it to work right so I gave up on it. I mean the train base looks cool enough by itself so I don't really think that shooting out the missile is such a big deal. Overall I'd say this is a good Magneto to get if your collecting the movie figures but if your somebody who cares about articulation then I'd say go after the x2 magneto he has more articulation.

      4 stars by necornaut

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