Crazy Dream-born BAF Marketing Scheme
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Crazy Dream-born BAF Marketing Scheme

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I had a dream last night that I was working an auction, in the living/dining room of my house, for MOC classic ThunderCats toys. There was a professional auctioneer there, so it was my job to display the items to the bidders and to then hand them out to the winners. Things were proceedingly pretty normally until I pulled out a blister card that contained nothing but the huge lower body (legs and crotch) of a 16" Galamoth BAF. Galamoth, for those of you that don't know, is a character from Konami's Castlevania series. He's probably best known as a gigantic, and difficult, optional boss in Castlevania: Symphony of The Night, but he actually originates in the NES/Gameboy Castlevania spin-off series, Kid Dracula.

Now, having a Castlevania character as a BAF in a ThunderCats toy line is fruity enough, but what really struck me was the weird way that the BAF was being marketed/packaged: Two halves, without any accompanying smaller figures. So, my question to all of you is, would you actually buy a BAF if it was sold that way or would you cry foul? On the one hand, assuming the two halves cost the same as a regular figure and are evenly distributed in a case, the BAF would be 1/3 the price and easier to obtain than the common business model of splitting it up amongst six, or more, figures (let's also assume the current ML cost of about $15 a figure, so, $30 for the whole BAF) and you wouldn't have to buy any of the smaller figures that you don't want to complete it. On the other hand, with no smaller figure pack-in, it's hard to shake the idea that you're paying for two halves of a single toy instead of the whole thing at once. To look at it another way, traveling back in time to 2005, you would have been able to army build ML 10 Sentinels for around $16 a piece ($7.44 - $7.83 is what I paid for the individual ML figures at my local Walmart back in the day). Now, some of you are doubtlessly thinking "that would never cost out", and I'm inclined to agree, but consider that McFarlane Toys packaged their original BAF-sized Malebolgia figure, albeit one-per-case, in Spawn Series 2, at the same price as the smaller figures, so it's theoretically possible.

Oh yeah, if you're curious, the MOC Galamoth BAF's lower body went for $125 to the top bidder, the auctioneer tried to get $300, but nobody would bite. Oddly enough, in the dream, more than anything else, I was looking forward to blowing the minds of everybody on the two Castlevania forums I belong to with the knowledge that Konami had flat out stolen Galamoth from the ThunderCats...

Posted by Patraw
on Monday, March 26, 2012
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Patraw -
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
The way I saw it working is that you'd have the six-or-so normal figures, and then the BAF split up into two pieces, all in the same wave. So, going back to Marvel Legends Series 10, it's be like if Black Panther, 1st Appearance Spider-Man, Mystique, Omega Red, Mr. Sinister, Angel, and Cyclops were all sold as normal figures, without BAF parts, and then the Sentinel would be packaged in two halves along with them. Basically, you'd be able to buy either the BAF or the normal figures, or both, depending on what you wanted. I know it's screwy, but, hey, it was a dream.

Yeah, I've seen the Green Lantern Parallax BAF before; I agree that was a pretty bad way to go about marketing/selling a BAF that irritated a lot of people.

I think probably the closest thing that's ever been done to what I saw in my dream is the Gruesome Twosome combiner in Spawn Series 12 (Bottom Line and Top Gun), but even that's a little different because the two individual components were stand alone figures.
HeartBreakKid -
Monday, March 26, 2012
I'd like it in the situation of it only being two parts split up for normal figure cost ,but if it was done in the typical amount like having to buy 6 different pieces for 15 dollars with no figure Id be a little pissed. Also I think I rather shell out 30 dollars instead of the two time 15 it just seems more convenient .I doubt acompany would do this because it would likely be more cost effective for them to make it one massive 30$ figure ,even though I'd suspect it would be closer to 40$ or 50$ depending on the size .

Oh, And another thing Patraw not sure if you seen this before but I thought you'd get a kick outta it seeming it fits your subject here pretty well.
You had to buy figures fore their BAF parts until the release this as a stand alone product that you'd need to finish it.
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