need some help with marvel select and legends trench coat.
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need some help with marvel select and legends trench coat.

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I recently got the older Marvel select Gambit but I really wasn't liking the trench coat piece it came with so I removed it. I Don't need to make sleeves cause they're molded onto gambits arms. I'm not to sure how to execute this so any help will be appreciated. Also if anyone knows how tom make a trench coat for a legends punisher it'd be appreciated if you could give me a quick tutorial on how to make one.

Posted by Devil of Hells Kitchen
on Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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bluestraveler -
Friday, August 10, 2018
Well,I always use the marvel legends nick fury or spider man noir sleeves and trench coat, but you could always use the noir jacket piece and leave the sleeves or resculpt the arms when needed. Now for softgoods, I would use spandex or heavy cotton simply because they don't fray as bad as cotton, of course I would make it a size smaller, that way it can fit a bit tighter, and work itself around the articulation.But cut it in two halves and add the sleeves and then sow the two halves together, it will look more realistic. hope this helps
Henchmen4Hire -
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
It helps to look up free patterns for clothes, then resize them as needed. Recently I had to make a big cloak and did it this way.

Sometimes you can even simplify the process since you can glue instead of sew, you don't have to hem everything, etc.

For example, trenchcoats are usually two halves stitched together, with the lower halves stitched on too, but I'm sure you can make the trenchcoat with one piece of fabric. You'll just have to measure for the arm holes, cut it out and slip it on.

It may not "hang" the right way though, you'll have to experiment with different fabric until you find one that looks good and drapes well at that scale. Someone recently suggested to me that 300 threadcount pillowcases work well, and I can tell you that stretchy fabrics (like thin sports shirts or some underwear) work too.
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