Commando Suit Ratchet from bootleg DC Direct Ratchet - Advice?
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Commando Suit Ratchet from bootleg DC Direct Ratchet - Advice?

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Hi there Realmers! I don't really have anyone else I can ask so I figured I'd make an account. Here goes!

So I got the entire series 1 of the DC Direct Ratchet and Clank bootleg from AliExpress. Yes, it was intentional because I don't have enough kidneys to sell for the real deal. See ... autifyAB=0 for the bootlegs in question.

Wrench Ratchet and Armour Ratchet started to show signs of issues so I decided I wanted to use parts of both to make a new and improved Commando Suit Ratchet (the default armour from Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando). Said issues can be worked around thank god. Inventory for those curious:

x1 AR Head (With socket for head ball joint)
x1 AR Visor
x1 AR Torso (With ball joint in neck and peg hole for crotch rotation)
x1 AR Crotch (With three pegs for crotch and leg rotation and peg hole for tail rotation)
x1 QFB Tail (With peg for crotch peg hole)
x2 QFB Hands and Glove cuffs, still attached so I don't forget which goes where (with hinge joint pegs)
x2 AR Arms and Shoulders, still attached by hinge joint for shoulders as they were too stubborn for the hair dryer (With holes for the glove hinge pegs)
x2 AR Legs (With peg holes for crotch)
x1 AR Hand (To hold another gun with)

(Might add pics later - stay tuned)

So I've taken both apart for the parts I need (thank you hairdryer), and I think I know what I'm doing (read a bunch of tutorials here and on other sites), but I just want to make sure, so I have some questions:

1. These figures are PVC with what I'm guessing is your average Chinese figure paint. Assuming that I scrub it real nicely before painting, Testor's Model Masters should work fine, yes? And will I need primer? What do I use if I do?

2. A lot of the stiffness appears to be from poorly-sized pegs. Is it wise to sand them down a little to relieve the problem? What grit should I use? The hairdryer sadly has proven not to be a permanent solution.

3. To smooth parts of the sculpt with carved lines, is it better to use Apoxie and cover it up, or to sand?

4. I want to take the chest emblem off the torso, will sanding do or will I need a dremel for this?

5. So you know how the outsides of hinge joints are painted to give the illusion of organicness? Do I follow the "avoiding paint rub tutorial" for that? And for hinge joints that are still stuck together, how do I go about painting those without making them stick together?

6. Are there special brushes that you guys use, or will ones from the craft section at Spotlight do? What sizes do I need? How do I tell a good brush from a bad one?

7. I'll probably want to use a sealer on it so the paint stays good. What do you guys recommend? Is brush on or spray on better?

8. Is it fine to use disposable rubber gloves whilst sculpting/painting? I'm autistic and get really funny about the sensation of stuff being stuck to my hands due to the sensory problems associated with it.

I may have more questions as I think of them. Sorry about the long post with nooby questions, I just can't seem to find definitive answers online.

Thank you very much folks, and I hope can be an active part of the community here!


Posted by Nooga
on Monday, September 10, 2018 - Updated on Monday, September 10, 2018
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