Exosquad Reboot?????
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Exosquad Reboot?????

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Hey all,
My childhood favorite, and to this day, was Exosquad. I lusted after the toys, watched the show every Saturday morning, and now as an adult, I dabble at making my own. I think this is a series that needs a Netflix style reboot ala Voltron. what say you?

Posted by TheRubicon
on Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Redmist -
Monday, December 31, 2018
TheRubicon -
Monday, December 31, 2018
Thanks Mist.
TheRubicon -
Sunday, December 30, 2018
So, my wife passed away at the beginning of the month after a haymaker swing at cancer. So now I find myself alone, sitting at my craft table swapping parts with no real passion anymore. During her treatment, I thought I could use this hobby for a few hours of personal time, some stress management. But, she needed a lot of care, and I'm glad I spent the time with her. We didn't know how fast she was going to decline, so I got the precious few moments with her instead of escapism. I miss her, my home is empty, yet I still can't focus enough to do more than some boil -and-pop swapping. I hate everything, nothing looks right. I miss her.

I have some ideas, I need some parts: The recent GI Joes with the better articulations and proportions, Marvel infinite/universe 3.75-4" figs, hair, heads, etc.

I'm aware of Marauders, Avacs, Bossfight, etc,but I'm hoping for some advice on how to find the base figs cheaper than just buying them on amazon and so on.

I need to keep busy and I need fodder. I'm throwing out to the board, what say you all?
KabutoRyder -
Friday, December 21, 2018
Exosquad....pfffffft Centurions for the reboot win.
yellowmartian -
Monday, December 17, 2018
I just saw your post. F yes!!! I want an ExoSquad reboot! I think if they kept the same tone as the original, but dropped the gnarly colors and hair styles that sort of make ExoSquad look like a late 80's punk scene, and also dropped the Neo-animal storyline, it would do well. Even as a kid I thought neoSapien raptors and crabs were dumb, but I loved the NeoMegas and the NeoLords. They made sense. That Galba...what a tricky little guy he was. I'm not sure how they should handle the evil Dr. that infected Nara Burns with that plant serum...I think it would have come into play in season 3 with the new alien race, but it was kind of hokey as well as his plant-minions. Also the action features like Kaz's ship doubling like a projection of his ship or something was hokey as well. I got the Phaeton toy as a kid and traded a friend some crap for his Typhonis exosuit too. I always wanted JT Marsh's exoSuit but never could find it. I would LOVE for a reboot of the toyline too, but in scale with GI joe/star wars. The original exosuits could hold a gi joe in it, but barely. The gi joe figures were just a hair bigger than the exosquad human/neoSapien figures. Ah man...now you got me all worked up! LOL. My favorite cartoon of all time is Robotech, but ExoSquad is #2 on my list. I even tried tracking down who owned the animation rights to it years ago to see how much the rights were worth. I tracked it down to Universal, but nobody ever did get back to me when I asked if they were willing to sell the IP.
TheRubicon -
Friday, December 21, 2018
Doooood well said. I agree a solid reboot with some careful license would bring to the front well.
TheRubicon -
Sunday, December 23, 2018
Duse! Imagine the toys in 4" MU type figure scale!!!!!
The New Guy 33 -
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
My brother was a huge fan of this show. It came out right about the time I got my driver's liscense and a girlfriend so I never paid it much attention. My brother saved up all his money from chores, birthdays, shoveling snow and mowing lawns to buy these toys. They were pretty bad a$$ especially for being in a smaller scale like that. It would be cool to see a reboot like Voltron. That show from what I remember dealt with some pretty mature themes for a kids show in the 90s. Would be cool to see redone. Check out the video by Toy Galaxy on YouTube: History of Exo Squad.
TheRubicon -
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
actually, I saw that little vid, they did okay for their segment time. but seriously. I think it's prime fodder. and you're absolutely right, it deal with some pretty mature themes for the target audience, and they did it well. not to mention a fresh line of toys would be killer...and likely cause my divorce! lol
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