How To Cast Rubber Coats and Capes
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How To Cast Rubber Coats and Capes

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I'm looking for a SAVIOR here! Can anyone find a picture tutorial, video or anything that can help me cast a coat or cape for figures. I'm looking to cast rubber coats/capes. I have what I need to cast molds. But what is a good material to actual cast with? I thought about using the rubber mold material itself, but its not paintable. I thought about silicon, but its not paintable. I thought about filling with glue and letting it dry out, or even hot glue, but I've heard that those materials shrink as moisture dries out of it. So any ideas of how i can duplicate capes and coats in a paintable rubber?

similar to marvel universe or legends coats and capes?

For example: Marvel Universe Gambit or Nick Fury coat, or Marvel Universe Dr. Doom cape.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by Trustfulguy9100
on Monday, November 5, 2018
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John Paul -
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
I hope this all makes sense...

You can use EcoFlex 00-50. It's a cast you can pour into a silicone mold, like OOMOO 30.

There's a couple alternatives to EcoFlex 00-50, DragonSkin 30 but that's as hard as an eraser, if you want a cape that that's not too soft or as hard go with DragonSkin 20, that is actually as hard as a rubber band. But here: - to make your silicone mold - cast into your silicone mold, comes out translucent, super flexible, won't hinder figure articulation. - Almost rubber Band soft - cast into your silicone mold, comes out translucent, flexible, can't promise that it won't hinder articulation, but it's soft. - Rubber band soft - cast into your silicone mold, comes out translucent, not as flexible but soft. - Eraser soft

Like the others, EcoFlex 00-50 is stretchy, durable, and paintable (using pigments, while you cast for a solid color rather than it coming out as translucent). Painting over may work just as fine. In case you're wondering, these do not intend to shrink over time. The curing times and pot life differentiate between these 3 however.
Trustfulguy9100 -
Wednesday, November 7, 2018

WOW! Thank you so much for that information! I will likely be placing an order for something tonight! So the EcoFlex and Dragon Skin are all paintable? I know pigments can be used, but I like to airbrush shading in my paint jobs. If these are paintable, I'd love to get some and try it out.

Not sure if you know, but is there a short shelf life for these once opened. I've heard that some Smooth-On products, once opened, have limited shelf life. is that true in your experience?

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