The Truth.
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The Truth.

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Hello all. An accusation has been made against me that I have harassed a fellow Realmer into leaving the site. I am writing this to set the record straight. This accusation is untrue. I was surfing the Realm on Jan 14, 2019, when I came across the work of ACCustomFigures. Specifically, I was admiring his Into the Spider-verse Mile Morales that he had made. As I was doing so I noticed a small error in ACCF's figure description, in that he had described his figure as "screen accurate". Examining his photos, I realized that ACCF had in fact neglected to paint the silver lines present in the movie's costume.

Seeing as this could have been a mistake or oversight, and seeing that he had requested critiques on the figure I sent a comment complimenting his hard work and effort while pointing out that his figure was almost screen accurate, but lacked the detail of the silver webs the movie design features. After that I went about my business.

Two days later on the Jan. 16, 2019 ACCF replied to me, accusing me of being condescending in my critique, and claiming that his figure was accurate, or in his words, had "nailed it just fine". I was taken aback at the unprofessionalism ACCF displayed in both his rudeness and refusal to acknowledge the mistake in his description. I was surprised and dismayed that a Realmer with so many good works would treat constructive criticism with venom and arrogance, and politely and respectfully rebuked him on the matter.

On Jan 27, 2019, ACCF replied again. Rather than being willing to discuss and try to settle the matter between us, the young man accused me yet again, this time of harassing him. In response, I defended both myself and my postion, pointing out yet again that while I both admired and encouraged his talent and skill, his description of his figure as "screen accurate" was not true. I then pointed out how he had taken unnecessary offense at being critiqued despite listing his submission with critiques requested turned on.

At this point, it became clear that ACCF had no interest in true critique or discussion, but seemed to desire an echo chamber that only praised his work. This is not an attack on anyone who likes ACCF's work and commented on it. I enjoyed his figures as well, and as can be clearly seen expressed my appreciation for his work. I mean only to say that this is what I observed in my interactions with the young man, as I was the only one as of this writing who had a negative critique and a minor one at that. One last time I stated that he had great talent and should take pride in his abilities. I then made clear that I would let the matter drop after saying one last thing, in which I advised ACCF to be professional in his dealings with both criticism and his response to it.

In response, ACCF again displayed his inability to handle criticism, and not only had my last comment removed on Jan 19, 2019, seemingly shortly before submitting his last custom to the site, claiming in his description that I had "repeatedly" harassed him and relegating my critique to accusations of condescending comments and a "know it all" behavior.

Figurerealm's Code of Conduct states that "Comments should not harass, abuse, or threaten another's personal safety or property, make false statements, defame, or impersonate someone else". None of the three comments I made to ACCF broke these guidelines. I made no threats, used no foul language, and made no false accusations against him, a respect that ACCF did not show me. I pointed out the one detail his figure lacked that would make it truly screen accurate. I did not once say he had to make changes to his figure, or insult the hard work and effort he clearly put into his craft. Rather, I expressed my admiration for his skills, and encouraged him to take pride in his work.

As the Code of Conduct says, the critiques are meant to provide constructive criticism, valid counter-points, and suggestions for improving what another Realmer has created. That is what I have done. That is what I will continue to do, because that is how I can help others to learn and grow in this hobby that I and so many others enjoy. I cannot in good faith and conscience tell a person that their work is fantastic or good if I don't believe it is truly so. That is both dishonest and disingenuous, and will not help a fellow customizer develop their craft for the better. What I will and currently do is praise what areas a Realmer has done well in while pointing out which areas they can improve upon. I do this out of respect for both the hard work a person puts into their figures, and to help soften the sting of constructive criticism.

I will say that it saddens me that ACCustomFigures has decided to leave the Realm. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, he is a skilled customizer with great talent. What saddens me even more though is that a such an accomplished customizer, with over 400 pieces submitted over 8 years, can be run off the site and leave friends he has made over the years by merely three comments, the first of which praised him while making a small critique, and the latter two defending myself against his false accusations.

This needn't have happend. The matter could have been resolved through respectful discussion, or dropped entirely after my third comment, where I stated that I would let the matter drop. I gave ACCF both options, and instead, he chose to slander me, delete my last comment, and leave the Realm.

I truly wish him the best going forward and hope he can learn to accept criticism with grace instead of hostility.

I have included a link showing the full exchange between myself and ACCF before he had my last comment removed to provide full context to anyone who reads this and to prove my statement is not empty, unprovable words.

I want to thank both the Realm and Realmers who have treated me with respect over the years, and made this site such a welcoming place, especially when I was down and considering leaving for good. Thank you all, and God Bless. I look forward to the future creations you have in store.

Full Exchange:

Posted by MrMonocle
on Friday, February 1, 2019
User Comments
Henchmen4Hire -
Friday, February 1, 2019
(For anyone who doesn't know, I'm one of the few Regulators, which can deal with abuse reports. Yes, they're checked by real people, actions aren't automated.)

I saw one "abuse report" submitted for the original comment on the spiderman fig, and the report was clearly nonsense. Critique isn't abuse. I let the comment stay.

I don't know if other comments got deleted, you'll have to ask Captain Coder because I didn't see any reports after that. Sometimes I make decisions, like rejecting sub-par submissions to the Custom Showcase, and I'll see that a few days later the submission will be up anyway. I can't do anything about that.

Tone isn't easily conveyed through text. Unfortunately, because it's the internet and people are conditioned to be hyper-sensitive about everything nowadays, if you aren't straight-up sucking someone off for doing a good job they'll take any neutral comment, and even requested critiques, as a threat.
MrMonocle -
Friday, February 1, 2019
Thank you Henchman, I appreciate thce time and effort you spent checking into the matter. It's disheartening to find out he tried to have my first comment deleted as well, I wasn't aware of that. No worries about the deleted comment, I know you can't be everywhere. You raise a good point about tone and the over-sensitivity mentality that seems to be prevalent these days. It tends to sweep away discussion and sharing of ideas in favor of "positive" feelings.
SaiyaJinOozaru -
Friday, February 1, 2019
You're all good brother. I know it doesn't matter, but after I saw his latest post, I looked back at previous submissions to find the harassment. I saw only two of his customs you commented on, and didn't see anything close to harassment. I even looked at some of your comments to others, and saw no other complaints.
I don't know if he saw it, but I tried explaining he mistook your comments as mean spirited when in fact in was only a personality conflict if anything. I know it doesn't mean anything, because I'm just a nobody, lol. But I think it was a misunderstanding if anything, but I don't think you did anything to purposely attack him.
Best of luck my friend!
MrMonocle -
Friday, February 1, 2019
On the contrary my friend, you went above and beyond to check into the truth behind the situation. There are many people who would not do that, and would simply believe the accuser. You showed a character and personal integrity that is both admirable and much needed these days. I appreciate your efforts to communicate with ACCF, it means a lot to me. I agree that there may have been a conflict, given the fickle nature of text communication. I wish we could have discussed the matter rather than what happened here. You are far from a nobody, you are a fellow Realmer, one I would be glad to call friend.
SaiyaJinOozaru -
Friday, February 8, 2019
Unfortunately, it seems that's just the way life is anymore. The first person to make a claim is automatically believed, and everyone bans together against the other party. No one ever bothers to ask any questions about the matter, or take a look at the accusations. It's so sad, really, because most all problems can be solved with very little communication, and accusations can be disproved or verified with very little research. I refuse to accept things unquestioningly. It takes a few minutes to look into something for myself and know what's actually going on. And it's well worth the time, considering the alternative is ruining someone's reputation, or attacking them when in reality they did nothing wrong. And as you said, the fickle nature of texts. Words alone, leave things such as tone or attitude to the imagination of whoever is reading it. And people this day in age are incredibly thin skinned, and extremely defensive. So neutral comments almost always get perceived as negative, even though it's completely in the recipients head. I want you to know, your reply actually meant quite a bit to me. When I saw it today, I had to show my wife. I never even expected a reply, I just wanted you to know that not everyone who saw the most recent submission was accepting the story that you were harassing a fellow Realmer. I was hoping to help resolve the situation for you by playing "devil's advocate" and straightening out the misunderstanding. I don't know if my efforts were unsuccessful, or simply ignored. But knowing that my actions were meaningful to you means a lot to me, and I'm also happy to call you my friend.
MrMonocle -
Monday, March 4, 2019
Hey man, I understand, it's been getting crazy for along time now. Sorry for taking so long to reply this time, life gets away from me sometimes. I'm glad I could brighten your day, and I hope to hear from you in the future.

Do you have any plans to make some figures to put on the site?
If you're looking for movies to watch I can recommend Alita Battle Angel. It was pretty entertaining, with a good story and character.
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