new arkham city series
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new arkham city series

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just got the new articulated batman, if you want a AC or AA batman and don't have one yet, this may be the one! he has really kool articulation, the only area I havent messes with yet is the hips, I think that have some kinf od outward motion but they feel a lil stiff so I don't wanna force them until I have get a look at some review pics online. he comes with a sweet batarang (who the hell needs his explosive gel?) the only thing I would have changed is that he has the "detective mode" version of the cape that fall behind the shoulders instead of the series 1 and 3 version that come over the shoulders like his default pose in the game. anyone get the nightwing yet? he looks boss but I am curoius to see if they added articulation for him too. seems that deadshot and talia have the ususal lame DCD movement. anyway its a sweet figure, a great purchase if you don't have one of the arkham game batmans yet, or if you have 3 already, its still a sweet addition, haha I almost typed addiction

Posted by DeathByMexico
on Saturday, February 23, 2013
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DeathByMexico -
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
I just got the nightwing, it KILLS the mattel sculpt! so good. too bad he has no waist articulation?! would have been so close to perfect with the same artic. as the batman. still I have him displayed instead of the mattel one for my arkham game shelf
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