MS Wolverine(brown suit) base weirdness
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MS Wolverine(brown suit) base weirdness

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hey peeps I just finally got the ms wolverine brown suit version cause its my favorite uniform he wears,but anyways I noticed something really weird,the attachable samurai accessory for the base has much(and I mean a lot) of the same sculpt on it that a mcfarlane toys samurai figs did,the one that me and shinobitron used to make silver samurai figures! its literally the same exact sculpt on A lot of it,chest armor,back armor,arm arm sections,even the top thing sticking out of his helmut and the helmut itself.face is different just blew my mind man!lol. anyways I was wondering if marvel select or diamond toys had some kind of deal with mcfarlane toys or if molds are bought and sold at all throughout the toy companys,really makes you think,or me anyways since I havent heard anything about stuff like that ever,have any of you guys? spOoN! Dbo outty 5000!

Posted by dbocustoms
on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
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Green Skin -
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Stuff like that happens sometimes. You usually see it will guns and other small accessories though, never seen it with something quite so large though.
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