trying to get into customizing figures
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trying to get into customizing figures

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I've been looking for a small hobby to keep myself preoccupied while school is in session. finally had the opportunity to goto back to school and I need to keep my idle hands busy over vacation. I stumbled upon some spider-man figures for a decent price and had to scoop them up. especially since spider-man was and still is my favorite superhero of all time. I want to get into fixing loose joints, repainting or detailing current paint schemes, and also maybe adding some effects to them in the future. the loose figures that I got my hands on are the marvel legends urban legends spider-man, smc series 1 spider-man, smc series 2 classic spider-man, smc series 2 battle ravaged spider-man, and series 4 spider-strength spider-man. I already have a dremel, and an airbrush. so ill need to drop by the hobby store for a few more items. can't wait to get my hands dirty once all of them get delivered. do y'all think figure stands would be worth it to purchase?

Posted by emmavee
on Monday, December 16, 2013
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emmavee -
Tuesday, December 24, 2013
heres my little collection of spider-man figures so far. some are in loose condition. but I'm hoping to fix that right up with the permanent glue in the joints and abs along with the thread in the ball joints. hopefully my hasbro black and red mcfarlane spider-man figure comes in soon. found a good deal on that one.

emmavee -
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
thats one of my favorite things about spider-man. all the different costumes through out the years. so ill be able to recreate some detailed original spider-man figures, and then also pick some things that I liked for different ones and customize it into my own web crawler. I have some figures coming to help me get into the groove of basic detailing and repainting. then jump into sculpting and effects. the first ones I ordered are nothing special in the spider-man figure world. but they're ones that I thought were pretty cool to my eye. I've decided against getting individual display stands for my figures. so I just purchased what I believe is a copycat version of the tamashii stage act 3 display stand for $5. I'm only going to really need one of them for poses and photoshoots to be honest.
Therapist -
Monday, December 16, 2013
WELCOME TO THE HOBBY! Its a lot of fun and it is always good to have new recruits. Spider-man is an excellent character and due to all his different costumes through the years customizing him is always a blast! I think figure stands are all up to the person. I myself only have a very few stands on display but that is due to the size of my collection. You can normall get some great figure stands at excellent prices. The ones I use are just little metal ones with an adjustable clip for height or flying and they cost me 2$ each.

Welcome to the hobby hope you enjoy. There are many great tutorials over on the front page and feel free to ask any questions here on the forums
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