halo reach jorge fig questions
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halo reach jorge fig questions

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Halo reach 'jorge' either series.
Im wondering does his chest piece come off?(his 'collar grenader g)
If so can it be attached to annother figure?
If not, do other helms and shoulders fit him?

I don't have it , I was thinking on buying for chest to make my reach spartan.

Halo smiley ... Spartan-023

Posted by spartan023
on Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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Dree -
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Nope Jorge's armor isn't removable. I tried to remove it when I first got him, plus it's out of scale with the other Spartans. To recreate you're in game Spartan, I suggest looking into the Halo Reach Armor packs. Yeah they're expensive, but you get numerous Spartan armor parts you can't find anywhere else. McFarlane made two types of Grenadier Armor packs one painted Steel and the other painted red, both packs include most of Jorge's armor; all but the left shoulder armor that Jorge wears; that's comes separate in the Air Assault armor pack. All of the armor pack armor parts are interchangeable with most of the Halo Reach Spartans. Jorge and Kat are the only two Spartans figures you'll have problems with swapping armor . All of Jorge's armor is glued on and out of scale with the other Spartans and Kat's chest armor is too small for the armor pack pieces; plus she doesn't have peg holes on her biceps like the other Spartans in the Reach line.

Hope this helps
50percentJoe -
Thursday, January 23, 2014
Unlike the others, his armor is not meant to be taken off and is glued into place. Hoooooowever, you can remove a good portion of it for use on another figure.
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