DragonCon 2014 -Some programming of interest
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DragonCon 2014 -Some programming of interest

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I will be running 4 panels at DragonCon this year. Two of those four could be useful for action figure customizers and collectors. I haven't received the exact times, just heard from the art show director that I've got them.

Photographing your Collection: This will be a panel about basic photography dos and don'ts as it pertains to taking quality pictures of the stuff you own that shows everything clearly. Not really a panel about the artistry of photography, but how to clearly capture the art you actually do so that you can show it off.

Painting BJDs: Technically a panel about how to paint ball-joint dolls, (actually pretty much giant action figures) but the techniques I'll be describing and the step-by-step and the materials are all the same as one method for painting the faces on action figures.

Another is about pattern drafting...and I guess if you want to make clothes for Hot Toys figures or something that'd be useful, but it won't be about sewing, which is a totally different skillset. I'll be assuming the people in the room can sew.

Posted by Buff
on Monday, June 30, 2014
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