Emperor Dinobot's collection
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Emperor Dinobot's collection

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Hey guys, I'm new here. There wasn't a board for intros so I apologize if this is inappropriate.

I own an Island off the Coast of Costa Rica, a sort of...biological preserve...

Wait no, wrong wrong wrong. Or is it correct? Anyways I've been a lifelong collector and so...there it is....

My Batman collection as of January, 2013:

Here's some better pics of the complex:


Starting with the comic style shelf:

KFN Batmobile, Legends, Batlink Vehicles, Mattel Comic Style Batmobile (the worst one ever). Mine's got the pre-re-call pointy fins.

Shrine of Robin

Mattel Comic Styles

Legend of Batman:

KFN+ Hasbro figs from '97-'99 + Superman: Man of Steel, JLA.

Legends of The Dark Knight

Animated Shelf
The Batman vehicles + Proto

Mission Masters 2,3,4, JLU and Brave and The Bold

The Batman (it's really full)

Batman: The Animated Series

The New Batman Adventures + Mission Masters 1, some JLU TNBA style villains and other TNBA style Batmen

Batman Beyond

The top

Movie Figures
Vehicles Burton movies (sans aerial vehicles, since they are hanging)

Batman and Robin vehicles

Nolan Trilogy

Batman and Robin

Batman Forever (I have pretty much everything from this line except two Target exclusive figures, the Batboat, and the Triple Action Vehicle set)

Tim Burton movies (The Dark Knight Collection and Batman Returns)


Batplane, Skybat, MM Batsignal jet, KB Toys 3ple attack Jet

Always shifting
BTAS, TNBA vehicles

Nightsphere and food premiums

Hot Wheels Collection + Micro stuff (Not pictured are Riddler Face, Batman Face, Batmobile Gotham from Forever and Microverse Mr. Freeze's observatory. They don't quite...fit. This is a work in progress.

Hall of Doom (most of these aren't Batman related, but sometimes I give them equivalents of figures that don't exist yet, like Lyle Bolton (Lock-up) being that Gi-Joe extreme figure. I plan on spraypainting him black and grey. Also featured are B&R's Mr. Freeze Lab, and Fortress.

Guess whooo?!

I know it's a lot to take in, and to think this was taken January of last year! Nowdays I have a very complete Arkham DC collection, a lot of the mainstream variants in stores, etc. As you have probably noticed, you will see no hot toys or play arts or anything that's above 7in tall (except for the figures up top, which I'm going to get rid of). I have also added things like '66 Mattel figures and the Batmobile.

Very cool stuff? You bet. New pictures? Well, my collection is a bit in shambles right now and dusty. I've gotten rid of most of the Non Batman bad guys. They were goons and they were fired or are in the process of being fired. This room takes up a lot of dust, and this isn't the only collection I curate. I also collect Transformers, Dinosaurs, Bionicles, etc. Other blogs will be set up for them. The purpose of this particular blog is to showcase all the figures individually. And in advance I apologize as my picture taking skills aren't the best (I'm not gonna show you blurry pics ever like *cough*Transfan*cough*...) and that is because I happen to be active at night like a true Bat-man, so <I>mea culpa</I>.

While none of my lines are 100% complete, several of them are 99% complete and I am missing several accessories on some of the earlier lines like Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Returns. My Legends of Batman Collection is actually complete but not counting the WB exclusive repaints. While I do sometimes engage in repaints I prefer to keep them to a 1-mold=completion ratio.
I'm sure there's a lot of reviews for the main Batmen in Legends of Batman as they were the best comic-style figures we had in the early 90's, but my aim to review not just Crusader Batman, Knightquest/Knightsend Batman and the villains, but the rest of them. As we go along I will get into other lines with the intent of slowly completing the database here: Emperor Dinobot's giant Batman figure database and review site!

I also collect Transformers, Dinosaurs, Robot dinosaurs, Bionicle, Jurassic Park stuff, etc.

You too want to see JP stuff?



With that being said, I also have a huge sales operation. I'm the planet's second top second hand Jurassic Park salesman (second second second).

I sell Marvel, DC and other dinosaur figures. I also sell vintage metal cookware and copper stuff.

Thanks for looking and I apologize for the ton of pictures. Might as well make a gigantic intro. And again, view my Batman review site here: http://emperordinobotsbatmen.blogspot.com/

Posted by EmperorDinobot
on Monday, October 27, 2014
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