3D printing for 6 inch Action Figure Customizing
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3D printing for 6 inch Action Figure Customizing

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With 3D printing revolutionizing the toy world, especially for those of us who are Action Figure customizers, I was hoping to get some input/insight on 3D printing software, tutorials, "how to's" on starting out with my own 3D print design of accessories, weapons, figures, diorama pieces and so forth as a COMPLETE newbie to this incredible world!

I've been ordering from Shapeways for a while now things like lightsabers, accessories,etc. for my custom created arc series of "Mandalorian Jedi" who returned to Mandalore and their tribes on Mandalore after those who survived Order 66.

Being from a pure academic science background with 7 undergrad & grad degrees in areas as Chemistry, Immunology, Physics, Nursing and planned dual-doctoral degrees in same areas in coming years the pc platform software I use outside office is not for CAD or CIS product design. Being that money is tight even as an RN to pay for the dual PhDs my hobby & passion is action figure customizing not to mention it brings to life the Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other sci-fi/fantasy original characters to life!

I've worked on Shapeways with an incredible designer/artist Strangefate but want to start designing & printing my own, he'll one day have my own 3D printer!

Can anyone suggest how to start? Free 3D software to use to designmy own on PC platform where I can put the creations in my head to print? Also if anyone uses sites other than Shapeways or Sculpteo to find 1/12th scale 6-7 inch items can you let me know? This has literally become all consuming in my free time when not working, studying or in classes or taking family time for partner! I've become obsessed with learning this 3D printing & design to take my customizing work to next level! From videos, books, bootleg software from Torrent to hell reading the books I am willing to do all it takes! Even take CIS/IT course at UF to learn!

Also, what 3D printers have any of you bought for reasonable prices? I've been looking at cubify.com to consider the cube but afraid of investing the pennies I save to buy one that turns out to be crap!

Thanks everyone! Even though I still use my Aves Apoxie Sculpt there are just some things 3D printing just cannot be topped by, no matter my sculpting talent!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Posted by UFGatorAlumni
on Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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