Depressed at Marvel Universe 4" figs tapering off
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Depressed at Marvel Universe 4" figs tapering off

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I used to collect Marvel Legends back in the day and had a proud little collection. At first I was annoyed at Hasbro changing the scale to better fit in with their Gi Joe and Star Wars merch, but I also loved the idea of building little armies of superheroes. Eventually, they started producing some really attractive little figures and I felt little need to collect Marvel Legends anymore which took up far too much space for me.

However they keep trying to resurrect Marvel Legends as an ongoing thing and I feel like if they can't support both they should pick a scale as both suffer as a result.

I'm hoping there are some surprises in the Avengers Age of Ultron line as there were some great figures(Black Widow) in the last one. I'm not too bothered if the articulation is more limited, though I am annoyed they chose Beast and Black Cat(a figure I've wanted for yonks) to be the first to show off their new "Streamlined" sculpts.

Also with less releases, there's less stuff out there for me to pick up and use for customs. There are some simple customs I'd love to do but I can't really justify $25+ for an incomplete figure I already own but don't want to cannibalise.

Posted by Madame Warlock
on Saturday, January 3, 2015
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digktialx -
Sunday, March 1, 2015
I personally like the 4" and under scale. I find them smaller and easier to pose several characters. They're also easier to handle and pose in my opinion. The larger figures if done right should be more detailed and be of better quality but thats not always the case. We don't know what their margins are looking like but I would have to agree to keep it down to two or three lines if theres really that much demand for different figure scales. In hindsight we don't want them getting lazy and just reusing molds and designs but merely making the figure bigger or smaller.

jgawne -
Sunday, March 1, 2015
I get the feeling that everyone is trying to release as many possible different versions (I.e. scales) as possible. Even Walking Dead is now doing even small sized figs as well.

Maybe with prices going up in China we will see a tapering off of releases. But all I can think of is people sitting in boiler rooms trying to come up with properties to license and throwing darts at a board to see what the scale(s) will be.
Buff -
Monday, February 2, 2015
I saw a couple of the AoU 3.75 figures and they are poopy. Not even elbow articulation. Might as well be Family Dollar toys. We didn't even get GoTG figures in that scale to tie-in with the movie, and they messed up the Thor 2 waves by not having Malekith in there ever. They are doing an amazing job with the 6" line though, as those recent figures really have strong sculpting if not always the best paint.

I heard that AoU is going to have the tiny size like GoTG figures. But, not to despair, looks like they are still doing the 3.75 line, re-releasing older figures that have become hard to find. Though seriously, they need to make a Northstar. He's pictured on the stupid box, even.
Wolverhulk Iron Spideysurfer -
Saturday, January 3, 2015
I've always wanted every figure from every toy line to fit perfectly together on the shelf. I began my collection with 6" LOTR figs so naturally I've tried to make everything fit into that scale, with relative success as there's quite a lot in 6". But what can ya do? Star wars force unleashed was just too cool not to collect. And NECA does such a good job. I've steered clear of 3 3/4 though. That's just too tiny for me.
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