Headhunters Request...lol
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Headhunters Request...lol

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Hello My Favorite, Most Passionate fellow Customizers!

I am not sure if this is the place to post or not, so if it is not, please, let me know, will take it down and post where it should be placed appropriately!

I am headhunting...literally! LOL (Love how that sounds paying bills as an RN...lol). I am looking for Star Wars The Black Series 6 inch male heads for a project I am working on. I have already found my lightsabers on Shapeways.com thanks to Strangefate (Mario is AMAZING at what he does!) but the customs I am working on is essentially on about 20 or so of the 1000 or so Jedi to survive Order 66 and the Great Purge that they have heads along with their Mandalorian Helmets (Hint Hint). I am hoping to take the figures, with some art, and story background and writing to make a little "niche" in the Star Wars Universe...this deep dark hole I have fallen down into!

Essentially, I need SWBS6 inch male heads. Don't have to be human but do have to be male (story comes later). If anyone knows of a designer who is doing head lots for sale or a website that has loose heads for sale or molds or 3D design/selling of heads that are compatible without having to tweak them a great deal to fit the body of the SWBS figures then PLEASE (PLEASE on bended knee I crawl to ask!) let me know...or if you have some heads from fodder you are not using am happy to buy because you are just not doing the 6inch figures and prefer the 3.75in instead! They just have to be heads with faces, not helmets as I have the helmets already thanks to those great white prototype armors that Hasbro put out. I have been trying to do a 3D scan and then using design software manipulate for printing...but honestly this scientist doesn't have the IT/CAD skills to do it.

Also, I have an INSANE...I'll be honest, borderline hoarding psychological diagnosis to be exact, of Marvel Legends, DC Universe that I would be HAPPY to work out in trades...just an enthusiastic headhunter here (just no shrunken heads please ...ok, bad joke I know!)

Thanks Everyone!

Posted by UFGatorAlumni
on Thursday, January 29, 2015
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