any cheap 3 3/4" genericbrand figs around?
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any cheap 3 3/4" genericbrand figs around?

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Yeah, so I decided to play around doing some customizing after a very long time away. Being a major Venture bros fan I was looking at trying some things from that show. (clearly some figures should be easy to make into SPHINX) However I was of the 12" joe generation (yikes!) and so have no little guys to cut up. I don't want to wait until the summer to hit yard sales, so I wondered if anyplace sold no name figures designed as Joe knock offs, but are cheap to buy.

I kind of hate to chew up actual figs someone may want, and my skills are so rusty I need to practice. I started looking in toy aisles but wondered if there might be something at a dollar store, or if anyone had any no name figs I could look for.

always looking for CHEAP venture biros and futurama figs, have a lot of common and rare Simpsons WOS.

Posted by jgawne
on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
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