New Transformers line Announced
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New Transformers line Announced

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With the close of Cybertron nearly at hand (3 new figures left), Hasbro/ Takara has officially unveiled the new series of figures to hit shelves this November. If your a longtime transfan like myself this site will automaticly feel like your livin in the 80's again, thats right I'm talkin Transformers Classics.

The new lines first shown figures are all throwback toys with modern day technology. This sets Megatron is back to being a Gun this time a "space" gun that looks very similar to the Socom but only with some colr variations. Upnext is everyones favorite backstabber Starscream. SS is back to being an F15 but none of those pesky extra parts ya need to complete him everything is attached. Next comes a triple changer known as Astrotrain this time Astro comes as a modern day bullet train and as a US Nasa Space Shuttle. On the autobot fron we have Hot Rod back to being whatever type of car he was this time however he has a more modern feel and kind of gives you the fast and Furious look while retaining all his original Flame style decals. And finally whats Megatron with out his arch nemesis Optimus Prime. Prime is back to classic form as a modern flat end trailer truck and might I say looking better than ever.

For picks just click the link: ... 00&start=0

Posted by Shinobitron
on Tuesday, June 6, 2006
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Shinobitron -
Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Good news Hasbro released pics of the new classics Bumblebee today. The bad news is he is no longer a VW bug (VW being real idiots about there car involved in a war like cartoon) so BB is now a Mini Cooper.
Henchmen4Hire -
Tuesday, June 6, 2006
Megatron is a gun....

I'd buy that spaceship-looking one, he's nifty
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