Street fighter 4
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Street fighter 4

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I saw the pics of Ryu and Ken from the new SF4 figures, they look awesome despite of the faces, don't get me wrong, faces are really cool, but just don't look like Ryu and Ken, Ryu looks like an ape, that face would be good for akuma, or guile, but Ryu I'm used to a more manga look, and younger also, as for ken, he's suposed to look cocky, but he ends up looking like a cocky jerk, that grim worked perfectly for Kazuya from tekken custom I seen on the site, but doesn't look like ken to me.

Tell me your thoughts people!

Posted by MrGore
on Monday, February 23, 2009
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carpetmonster -
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
I like these. I think sculpting a figure based on a cell shaded game is pretty tough. The viper figure is actually really well done too but I guess it won't be very popular.

The previews figures are a lot better tho. More poseable and loads more articulation. Also MUCH more expensive .

I don't know many places that sell these You can get them here: -

I have the Ryu. IN comparisson the previews Ryu is a better figure but your paying 4 times the price!
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