Target Marvel Universe 2 Pack
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Target Marvel Universe 2 Pack

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Looking to see if anyone else has come across this as well but when I was in Target this past week I found some of the new MU 2 Packs and thought about getting some most of them didn't look that great but I did buy the Iron Man vs. Black Panther pack because it didn't come with Black Panther. Inside was a figure that almost looks like snake eyes but he has a cobra emblem on his right upper arm. Has anyone else found one of these? I will post a pic later when I get home.

Sorry guess since Im new I can't post a photo or even a link to the photo

Posted by Trucido83
on Saturday, October 30, 2010
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Darththomas -
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
I've heard of stuff like this happening, I reckon it's something that someone has bought, taken the figure out that they wanted then placing a figure they don't want in its place then returning it to the store. Most of the staff don't know what's supposed to be in there so they just accept the return and put it back on sale. I could be wrong but it sounds like that to me.
Trucido83 -
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
still can't post a photo but I did some research and found that the G.I. Joe figure is the Cobra Eel [Underwater Trooper] from the rise of cobra toy line he doesn't have any of his equipment but it does have black panthers spear
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