I just found Marvel Universe Variant Warpath and Ms. Marvel.
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I just found Marvel Universe Variant Warpath and Ms. Marvel.

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I went shopping yesterday with my girlfriend and kids @ our local walmart and I went to toy section like I always do. There just sitting on the pegs was a Warpath and Ms. Marvel figures. I don't collect Marvel Universe nor do I make customs in this size. So I don't really buy them. I looked on the back of the package and they looked different from the pictures. My action figure "spider-sense" tingled so I thought what the hey so I got them. Only when I got home and checked online did I know for sure they were actual variants. I also realized that I left the variant Daredevil there, but oh well. Also a couple of months ago I was @ a Toys r us and saw the new 2 pack Marvel legends Hulk/ Valkyrie and Warpath/Deadpool. The sign underneath the figures said "Clearance price 17.99" I had never seen the new two packs before and thought it was kinda odd they would put them on clearance so soon. I thought this was a good price so I bought all they had which was only 2 each. When I got to the register they rang up @ 29.99 each. I had them call a manager and showed him where I got the figures and the clearance tag. He gave them all to me @ the 17.99 price because he said someone had put them in the wrong place.

Posted by supersizeme
on Saturday, February 12, 2011
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