dark knight rises 3.75 in the 17603
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dark knight rises 3.75 in the 17603

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found some at my TRU in lancaster after work today. kinda funny but they are totally re-using the DCU batman accessories for the 3.75 figs. gimme a 3.75 batman loaded with batarangs and you sir have yourself a sale! they also had the C and C figures but only alf and batman left. alf looks to use the same body as every suited figure from the MM line and the batman looked just like the TDK MM batman. havent checked the ephrata walmart but I may tomorrow knight (haha) on my way home. if anyone in interested in those, they are avail!!

I did see tons of cases of the 3.75 batman figs at ephrata walmart last knight but they said they were street dated

Posted by DeathByMexico
on Saturday, May 26, 2012
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