Getting Target to check the stock room for figures/How to
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Getting Target to check the stock room for figures/How to

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Found an old post about this on OAFE and tried it today and it worked. Didn't find anything, but it's new info for those that have never heard it before. If this is a re-post, my bad.

Punch this number for Marvel Legends, 087 06 2403, into a price check scanner if you can. Some scanners don't have numbers on the sides. It will tell you what stock they have. You can also have an employee check on a hand scanner to see if there are boxes in the back. They can also look to see when a new shipment is expected. Not sure how far out that goes, but the two Targets I checked at didn't have anything in the back and also didn't have anything scheduled to come in soon.

I'm not sure what the number is called exactly. If you want them to check on other figures, the number is located at the top of the upc sticker on the peg/shelf where the figure goes. Just a heads up. Never know what you could find!

Posted by Spoon
on Friday, March 1, 2013
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MCutter -
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Target calls theirs a DPCI number and sometimes knowing that term makes all the difference between a rep being helpful or blowing you off. If the item assortment you're looking for appears on their website, that number will show under the other info. section.
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