Batman v Predator: how I started collecting again
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Batman v Predator: how I started collecting again

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Read the comics, had to have figures on my desk. Red Hood wasn't planned, and it took a cool minute to decide between him and the New 52 version. In the end it was the Arkham Knight series I went with (great figs!), and the cool Cracked Tusk and Viper Predators.

Around those figures I thought it would be cool to get a sort of battle royal premise going. We got Black Mask and Joker in there calling shots. Deathstroke, new 52 Joker w/ more pale skin than white, and Neca Bishop, and Neca Jonah Hex with some pretty menacing masks I fashioned out of gijoe torsos.

I've got the Arrow TV Series Deadshot and Neca endoskeleton en route, was thinking about that final showdown Neca Rambo with One of these crazy masks, but I'm leaning towards a Neca Vector, which will have me more inclined to get another Deadshot figure and customize him into Spectre from the same Operation Raccoon City video game.

Them, I really do like the Arkham Knight Scarecrow, but not rushed on him. I'll jump on that Ultimate T800 in August, and am still considering an Arkham Origins Deadshot..

Yeah those are the aims, a good thug to boss ratio.. Definitely more Predators though.

Not heavy customization, more like embellishments. Above average paint work, and dremeling and super gluing fodder. I am very pleased though. I will touch up paint, have everything a little more refined, but overall very pleased.

Thanks for looking, opinions/feedback welcomed.

More thugs/muscle. Maybe Scarecrow. Maybe Two Face. Complements that conflict with Predator quite nicely for a battle royal. Where will I take it after this..?

Posted by Corky McMasterson
on Monday, July 13, 2015
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