HELP!!! please, i need to know this robot´s name
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HELP!!! please, i need to know this robot´s name

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unknown robot - please help me find the name or the series this figure belongs to.

My good luck brought me to this page and for what I can see, I think I´ve come to the right place to get some help.

The thing is I´m a HUGE action figure collector, I´ve been in the collector´s side for over 20 years but there are some items that I haven´t been able to identify and believe me, it could be very frustratin´

I have this robots, they´re very special for me because they were a present from my dad. I really love this toys but I´ve askin´everywhere for the name of the toy or the series, but without any luck.

They´re NOT a transformer, NOT a Gobot, NOT a Zoid, Not a Starrior (believe me, I have a few of each series), but one can transform in 4 modes: Tank, Gorilla, Giraffe and Robot. and the other one can transform in 3 modes: Jet, Ostrich and Robot. They were made by Tomy Japan but it doesn´t have the year, maybe mid/late 80s.

The first one looks like one of the Starriors leader called "Hotshot" and it has some parts where cannons can be attached (like the Zoids figures). I´ve lookin´for years with fellow collectors and internet but I haven´t found anything.

U can check the toy´s images in this link: ... neogaijin/

If u have any info please let me know, send a mail to

Tnx in advance

on Friday, August 31, 2007
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Monday, September 3, 2007
hi there! thanks for the tip

I´ll check some vintage TF pages, but I don´t think they´re Diaclone since they don´t have the little silver pilot in the cockpit, I think I still have some of the cannons.

Good luck!
cowboyink -
Monday, September 3, 2007
I think they may be some DiaClone figures ... I used to have both of these. The resaon I say DiaClone is they had small silver men that fit into the cockpits, and as you moved them the silver"gun parts" moved. so check some Vintage TF sites
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