X-Men Movie Series 1 Toad ~ Variant? Or what...
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X-Men Movie Series 1 Toad ~ Variant? Or what...

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Hi guys, new to the forums but been using the site awhile. Great Job!

I remembered I had a bunch of X-Movie figures that I had bought on clearence and put in a crate out on the garage when we were moving rooms around, So I went out and found 'em today.

They are all Series 1 w/the red plastic X symbol.
I've got 2 toads and I noticed they were different...

One seems to have a fixed jaw? kind of looks like a different sculpt also.
Where the other is the normal one, with the moving jaw that you would stick the tongue accessory in and such.

Not finding any info about a variation online... Anyone know any info on this?

I've got pics but can't post em yet, heh.

Posted by Aesthetikz
on Thursday, August 21, 2008
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doctorwhoroxs1 -
Saturday, February 7, 2009
I never even thought of that, that's really disgusting.
glennwebman69 -
Saturday, January 31, 2009
It's probably an urban legend but I remember reading online ages ago that they changed Toad from the opening mouth to the fixed one coz of complaints that the tongue itself was too phallic and that inserting it into the mouth was, how should I say... too reminiscent of oral gratification. Always thought the fixed mouth was only series 2 with the silver symbol packaging. Guess not.
Aesthetikz -
Saturday, October 4, 2008
Anyone know what the deal is here?
Aesthetikz -
Friday, September 19, 2008
Here's the pics.

Side by Side:


evanjones1 -
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
I want!
Esbat -
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Yes do so!
Aesthetikz -
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Hi, Thanks for the reply.

That fixed jaw figure you posted is from the series 2 set.
The one I have is packaged exactly the same as the series one (first link) except the head is different, it has a fixed jaw (possibly the same head as the series 2 figure?!).

There is no signs of the package ever being opened or tampered with... I bought it on clearence at safeway years ago when they had christmas toy "last minute impulse" buys, lol.

Ill post around so I can get some pics up.
Esbat -
Sunday, August 31, 2008
The variation has been logged in the Figure Realm Checklist area... Moveable Jaw and Fixed Jaw.

As for posting pictures, you need to post around a bit... 10 posts I believe before you can start posting links and pics.
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