Anyone Remember the 1996 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Figures
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Anyone Remember the 1996 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Figures

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Back in '96 to coincide with the release Mortal Kombat Trilogy Toy Island mfg. released 2 waves of 6" figures, 1 wave of 12" figures, and an R/C vehicle. What I enjoyed most about these figures is they were mostly up sized versions of Hasbro's 1994 Mortal Kombat figures.

Wave 1 consisted of:
Sub-Zero - Which was a new unmasked mold
Liu Kang
Johnny Cage

Wave 1 was by far best, as far as quality. After wave 1 they stopped using the G.I. Joe like mold and were making new molds. All of which were eye candy imo, and have exceeded any thing Jazwares ever released (except for the SDCC exclusives, maybe), however they sorely lacked in articulation.

Wave 2 was made up of:
Sub-Zero - Same as W1
Raiden - Same as W1
*Shao Kahn*

Where wave 1 had the full range of a 3 3/4 Joe, wave 2 had 5 swivel joints. Legs could move back and forth, the arms up and down, the head side to side, plus Kahn and Cyrax had loin cloths made from thick rubbery plastic which further restricted the forward leg movement. However like I said before the sculpts on these figures are impressive and look almost like the character sketches.

Right before the second wave came out, I believe, the 1 and only wave of 12" figures was released. Same as wave two, only 5 swivel joints

MKT 12":
Liu Kang

Although these figures looked good, they were far from flawless (sorry, I had to). The Liu Kang figure seemed to resemble the MK: Defenders of the Realm cartoon, and included a large, almost, broadsword. Jade was very well done including her bow (proper name for that staff). Cyrax once again has a loin cloth restricting the forward leg movement, but the plastic is thinner and the legs are thicker so it is much less of a problem. Scorpion is by far the worst out of these four, but tied for best looking with Cyrax. First off he has the same loin cloth issue as Cyrax, he comes a spear and piece of string but no place to attach it, and finally due to scorpions sash being molded he can only raise his arms about 45°.

Finally during wave 2 a remote control Humvee was released with the Jax figure. It was a simple black Humvee with some MK decals and Jax could fit inside.

Posted by optimist_prime
on Friday, April 3, 2009
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optimist_prime -
Thursday, April 9, 2009
Amen Nightmare, someone like SOTA, or at least a company who takes more time with sculpts, would be great for the Mortal Kombat license. Since Armageddon had just about single character that has been in the MK universe... The potential is massive. Plus the potential for mold reuse with MK 1 - 4 redecos are available for many characters.
PJ&AudsCustoms -
Friday, April 3, 2009
A new company needs to pick up the license to Mortal Kombat...and release figures of ever character in the series...I'd especially love a Frost figure.
Nightmare689 -
Friday, April 3, 2009
I remember those. I was so siked into getting the more toybiz style ones because they seemed to fit in a little better with the marvel figures. I never really thought too much about articulation until Marvel Legends.

Looks-wise, Shao Kahn was one of my, if not my most favorite character, so I went crazy when I found the figure at KB. I might end up doin a custom of him later on, but I still wish Jazwares released on. I dunno how bad most of the figures are, but I just picked up a Noob Saibot, and its pretty cool for the most part. only draw backs are that his legs are limited from the....uh...belt thing...uh...sorry I dunno the correct term haha. but that and the fact that he has two swords any closed fists, which was weird.
a company like SOTA or something should get the license for MK though. Theres SOOOOOOOOOOO many characters that would be so potentially awesome......but who knows.....I can dream can't I?
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