Vote for the Next Marvel Legends
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Vote for the Next Marvel Legends

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Hey, I'm new to this board, And I know how much it can tick you off when someone new pops onto a board and puts up some stupid thread then takes off and never comes back. Well, I'm not that Guy.

So what is happening here is that a Friend and I complied a list of Marvel Characters and we are asking for Fans of the line to choose 50 of them that they would most like to see in the Marvel Legends line. We are hoping to get a significant number of responses so we can compile the information and send the results off to Hasbro. I know that we are going to get our share of Wolverines and Hulks and Iron Men, but this way maybe was can round out our collections with some more in demand obscure guys.

So Anyway, here is the list: You get to choose 50 single characters, 14 Build a Figures and 3 Build a vehicles. There are also three yes/no questions at the end.

If there is a character that you want that isn't on this list feel free to add them, and if you can't think of 50 or there aren't 50 more you want go ahead and choose less. Also if there is a character listed in BAF that you feel should be a regular fig or Vice Versa (Sauron comes to mind) go ahead and switch them around.

Thanks a lot for your time guys and I look forward to posting in here a lot.


Follow this link to a list of the regular characters, the BAFs and BAVs can be seen below, or you can just choose 50 characters without looking at the list. ... p?t=243714


Aragorn the winged-horse (for Black Knight and Valkyrie)
Aron the Rogue Watcher
Arnim Zola
Big Bertha
Bone Breaker
Brood Queen
Devil Hulk
Fing Fang Foom
Goliath (Bill Foster)
Goliath (Erik Josten/Atlas)
Growing Man
Hulk Buster
Kree Sentry
Living Monolith
Living Tribunal
Lock Jaw
Mole Monster
Onslaught (Magneto Helmet Version)
Ronan the Accuser
Shadow King
Stilt Man
Strong Guy
"Titan" Cassie Lang
War Star


Battle Van
Leap Frog
Quinn Jet
SHEILD Hover Car
Spider Mobile
Thunderbolt Ross's Tank

three yes/no Answer Questions:

Do you think that Hasbro should make a separate line for movie figures?

Do you think Hasbro should produce a henchmen boxset?

If so, do you think they should be be rescaled and obtain more articulation than the ones shown at SDCC?

Posted by Roughneck
on Saturday, December 9, 2006
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Roughneck -
Saturday, December 9, 2006
I can and Will,

And I know what you mean, I want every chgaracter possible made into MLS and I want every comic accurate variation of any costuem the wore, I had a hell of a time only picking 50 I really wanted.
Henchmen4Hire -
Saturday, December 9, 2006
Hey, I say they should all be made, but I'd like a hell of a lot more ladies made, if only for the chance at getting different body-types. I need to make some customs and the current fem-bodies aren't cutting it! I'd like to see a Vault Guardsman though, not in that wierd speedo-type underwear suit but in a more modern-looking suit like Iron Man's (and NO, I don't want any more Iron Mans!).

And I think maybe making a seperate line for movie figures might force them to charge us more for the figures...I'm already getting annoyed at the 11.99 price tag on MLs.

I want a Battle Van so damn badly, it's too bad Punisher has been so demonized over the years that if they tried to make a van now someone would rally an army and boycott Hasbro

And by the way, is there anyway you could upload that list to a site somewhere and then link to it? A long list means a long scroll down to read new messages x_@;;
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